Updated 28 May, 2021

6 Tips To Keep Your Bitcoin Wallet Secure

Follow these simple, practical tips and make sure the funds in your Bitcoin wallet are safe.



Bitcoin wallet

Key Takeaways

  • What is a Bitcoin wallet?
  • What should you keep in mind?
  • Zeply & Security

Would you let your wallet unattended in a public space?

We’d say that you probably answered no to that. In the same way that you are most likely to keep your physical wallet in your pocket or your bag; the same principle should apply to your online BTC wallet. So, today we’re talking all things safety for your Bitcoin wallet. If you are interested in your bitcoin pot secure, then read on.

What is a BTC Wallet?

In its simplest form, a BTC wallet can be described as a container within which you retain your bitcoins. This container can be a physical device, a program, or a platform. Indeed, these could be web wallets, hardware wallets, software wallets, paper wallets, and full node wallets. Ultimately, irrespective of the format, your bitcoin wallet is the place from which you can send and receive funds, check balances and conduct investments.

What Should You Keep in Mind?

1. Use a trusted provider

All wallet options have their unique advantages. Having an online wallet presents several key benefits. However, it is important to choose an option that you can trust with complete peace of mind. At Zeply, we take your fund’s security very seriously. After analysing the key strengths of the various options, we set out to create a wallet that seamlessly fuses simplicity and convenience with complete peace of mind. That is why we go over and above the industry safety standards, to ensure that you can enjoy your experience in the digital currency world to the full. Suffice to say, we have never experienced a breach.

2. Secure that connection

It may sound like common sense but it essential to have a secure internet connection. This is particularly important in instances where you are making transactions while on the go and you are using public internet hotspots.

3. 2FA is your friend

It is always better to be safe than sorry. That is why a two-factor authentication (2FA) process is the way to go. While we are all familiar with the standard password request, a 2FA takes things a step further by adding an extra layer of security. Typically, this could be a time-sensitive code or a request to scan a fingerprint that ensures that it is genuinely you that is trying to access your BTC wallet.

4. Strength lies in your password

How many of us are guilty of using the same (very often generic) password for all our services? Unfortunately, this practice makes it easier for hackers to gain access to our personal online presence. So, always opt for a very strong password to access your BTC wallet, and don’t use it for anything else.

5. Keep an eye out for links

It is always good practice to double-check all links. As a rule of thumb, it is always a good idea to examine links carefully and don’t send funds to addresses that look suspicious.

6. Update your anti-virus software

This may also seem like a very simple thing. However, having the latest updates always ensures that you are protected against the latest threats. Keeping your hard-earned virtual coins safe is an important practice for any crypto user. Keeping in mind and utilizing some (seemingly) techniques can go a long way to ensure that a high level of safety present at all times.

Zeply & Security

Security is at the heart of everything we do here at Zeply. You can buy, sell, and store your bitcoin with complete peace of mind knowing that Zeply has integrated industry-leading safety features. For instance, we do not rely on the standard single authentication feature (typically a username and a password). However, we have added an extra layer of security by incorporating 2FA. Thanks to this feature, the security level is not only reliant on the strength of the password but also on an additional code that is sent to you via SMS. The completion of this additional feature ensures that you are the rightful owner of the particular crypto wallet.

Buying Bitcoin to Fill your Wallet at Zeply

Buying Bitcoin on Zeply is a seamless process! By following three simple steps, you can easily become a BTC owner and an active member of the cryptocurrency sphere.

1. Log in to your Zeply account.

2. Select the Credit/Debit card you will be using to buy your Bitcoin. Then proceed to input the amount of BTC you wish to buy and the currency you will use to fund the transaction.

3. Proceed by clicking “buy”. Here a confirmation window will pop up if everything is in order click proceed.

Excited to unlock the power of digital value? Then it is time for you to sign up for your secure Zeply account.