Zeply Early Bird Testing Campaign Terms & Conditions



  • Duration & Communication of Campaign: 

The campaign will last for one week, starting right after the selected users receive the official onboarding email. 

Upon onboarding, users must provide a valid telephone number and their preferred messenger application. Those contact details will allow them to communicate directly with the Zeply team.

  • Eligibility & Access: 

Only users who have received the onboarding email are eligible to participate. 

Participants must download the TestFlight app and follow the provided instructions to install the Zeply app. Only those following the installation steps correctly will qualify for the monetary rewards.

  • Rewards & Incentives: 

Real Money Incentive 

€50 or its cryptocurrency equivalent will be credited by Zeply to participants’ accounts as real money for testing within the app. 

Quality feedback will also allow Zeply’s participants to receive Zeply merchandise. 


  • User Obligations: 

With the credited €50 or its cryptocurrency equivalent, users are required to: 

  • Buy cryptocurrency within the app. 
  • Exchange cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies. 
  • Add and verify bank accounts. 
  • Utilize Trustly for transactions. 
  • Withdraw cryptocurrencies using networks such as ERC-20 and TRC-20. 
  • Withdraw in fiat currencies like EUR or GBP. 
  • Top up their accounts at least 60 EUR using both cryptocurrency and fiat methods. 
  • Maintain a diary to document their experiences, suggestions, and feedback. 
  • Provide Pros and Cons of the app 


  • UX-Centric Feedback: 

As part of Zeply’s continuous commitment to enhancing the user experience, participants are expected to: 

  • Propose a TOP-5 list of potential features they’d want to see in the Zeply app. Features they believe would compel them to use the app consistently. This will aid Zeply in understanding user preferences, ensuring the app aligns more closely with user desires in its next iterations. 
  • Maintain a diary to document their experiences, suggestions, and feedback. 


  • Bug Reporting & Feedback: 

Users are expected to use the provided feedback form to submit structured feedback and prioritize features. 


  • Use of Feedback: 

Zeply reserves the right to use any “pros” or positive user feedback for marketing purposes, including on landing pages and social media profiles. Any feedback provided will remain anonymous, and no personal data will be displayed without explicit consent from the user.  


  • General Provisions: 

Zeply reserves the right to alter, pause, or terminate the campaign at any point without prior notice. 

Any malicious intent or misuse of the campaign will result in an immediate disqualification and potential legal repercussions. 

Participation in the campaign denotes agreement to these terms and conditions.  

Zeply Terms of Use and Privacy policy apply.  

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