How to Buy Bitcoin and Crypto with Apple Pay: Zeply & Apple Pay – Your iPhone’s New Best Friend!

Hey there, Apple aficionados! Zeply’s taken your crypto game to a whole new level. With Apple Pay integration, we’re redefining simplicity and style. Dive in to see what’s cooking! Verify your identity to access the upcoming limited edition Crypto Visa Card.

Why Apple Pay on Zeply is a Crypto Game Changer for Easy Transactions
Apple Pay isn’t just a payment method; it's a lifestyle. Lightning-quick, super secure,and seamlessly integrated into your iOS devices.Here's why you're gonna love it:
Transparent Transactions:
With Zeply, honesty comes first. Buying crypto via Apple Pay? No fees for transactions.
Broad Crypto Choices:
Whether you’re a #BTC enthusiast or keen on exploring #DOGE, we’ve got it all ready for you.
Elegance & Efficiency:
Inspired by the Apple aesthetic, our UI ensures your crypto buys are as smooth as scrolling on your iPhone.
EU-Regulated Crypto Platform:
Our regulatory status requires us to maintain the highest standards of operation, and we are continuously monitored to ensure compliance.

Easy Step-by-Step Guide to Buying Crypto with Apple Pay on Zeply

  1. Open Up Zeply: Got the latest version? If not, the App Store’s calling!
  2. Tap ‘Buy Crypto: It’s easy to spot. If it’s playing hard to get, check under the ‘Wallet’ tab.
  3. Choose Your Preferred Cryptocurrency: BTC, ETH, or maybe DOGE? The choice is yours.
  4. Select Apple Pay: Let’s get to the main event. Tap It!
  5. Input & Double-Check: Decide on your spend, punch it in, and give it a once-over.

And… Done! Sit back and watch as your chosen crypto saunters
into your Zeply wallet.

More Ways to Pay?

Beyond Apple Pay, we’re stacked with options like Trustly and more. Your crypto journey, your rules.

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All Set to Elevate Your Crypto Experience?

Join the Zeply community. With Apple Pay by your side, it’s crypto made simple and stylish.

What is Apple Pay for Crypto Payment?
All Set to Elevate Your Crypto Experience?

1. Effortless Transactions: Apple Pay allows users to link their credit/debit cards, making digital transactions incredibly seamless. When this payment method is incorporated into a cryptocurrency exchange or platform, purchasing crypto becomes as straightforward as buying any other digital product.

2. Advanced Security: Apple is renowned for its commitment to user privacy and security. Apple Pay uses a method called tokenization, where real card details are replaced with unique tokens during a transaction. This ensures that the actual card credentials are never exposed or stored by the merchant. Additionally, transactions often require biometric verification (Face ID or Touch ID) or a passcode, adding an extra layer of security.

3. Universal Integration: Apple’s vast ecosystem means that Apple Pay is integrated across specific Apple device, like iPhone. When crypto platforms adopt Apple Pay, they tap into a massive, loyal user base.

4. Adoption by Crypto Platforms: Recognizing the importance of providing users with familiar and trusted payment methods, many cryptocurrency platforms and exchanges have begun integrating Apple Pay. This makes the crypto-buying process smoother for Apple device users.


  • Selective Availability: While Apple Pay’s reach is growing, not every crypto platform or exchange offers it as a payment method. It’s always essential to confirm payment options on your chosen crypto platform.
  • Geographical Limitations: Depending on the region or country, there might be restrictions or specific regulations governing the purchase of cryptocurrencies using Apple Pay.

In essence, Apple Pay provides a smooth, secure, and familiar avenue for those interested in buying cryptocurrencies. Its integration into the crypto space makes the process less daunting for newcomers and provides a quick transaction method for seasoned investors.

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