Seamless Crypto Payments
For Your Business

With over 15,000 businesses and over 420 million people using Crypto worldwide will you be next to tap into the global cryptocurrency economy and accept Bitcoin as a payment method in your business?

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Crypto business payments

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Over 15,000 Businesses & 420 Million Users Worldwide Accept BTC

Receive quick payment transfers, lower your transaction costs, simplify your financial management, and expose your business to new customers and increased revenue.

Customers Spend Twice as Much

40% of customers that pay with BTC are first-timers to the merchant and tend to spend 2X as much as those that pay with a card.

Less Fraudulent Chargebacks

With fiat currencies, charge-backs are possible. With cryptocurrencies, this is not possible, giving you better control over product returns.

Quicker & Cheaper Transactions

Like traditional payments – only
faster & with lower fees. Traditional card processors usually charge merchants 2.9% or more.

Introducing Zeply Business

A Secure & Superior Payment Gateway for Merchants

Whether you’re running a boutique online store or a global e-commerce website Zeply Business is making it easy for merchants to send invoices, and manage all their payments.

Built to Seamlessly Integrate Into Your Workflow

  • No matter the size of your business enjoy no-fuss seamless integration with your chosen e-commerce platforms.
  • Enjoy a clean and comprehensive view of every transaction allowing you to build detailed reports and drill down on more granular details.

Zeply's Gateway to Crypto Payments

Crypto Payments Invoicing

Easy  Invoicing

  • Receive payments in Fiat, Crypto, or any other currency you prefer.
  • Easily create and manage multiple payment accounts to suit the nature of your different businesses.
  • Personalize your invoicing.
  • Real-time updates on outstanding invoices.

Payments Made Simple For You & Your Customers

  • Simplify your invoicing to ensure timely and accurate payments.
  • Give your customers more payment flexibility and convenience at checkout.
  • Avoid currency fluctuations and receive the exact amount quoted on your invoice in your specified Fiat currency.


Cryptocurrency Payments for Business



Integrating Zeply Business API

Our relentless for faster more secure transactions has pushed us to build a platform whose API integrates seamlessly into every business structure or app. Offering fast and reliable transaction processing and instant settlement, Zeply Business is a great choice for businesses looking to expand their payment options and reach new customers in the growing cryptocurrency market.



Zeply Business API Integration

Zeply Business Secure Payments

Secure & Quick

Built with multi-layer encryption, and two-factor authentication, allowing you to offer your customers a secure way to make payments with crypto,

Zeply Business Accelerate Cashflow

Accelerate Cashflow

Add cryptocurrency payment functionality to your platform simply without expert knowledge or the need to build your own infrastructure.

WooCommerce and E-commerce Integration

Zeply Business WooCommerce plugin offers a convenient and secure way to accept payments with cryptocurrency on your WooCommerce store meaning you can start accepting crypto payments right away without any additional technical knowledge or support.

✔ Accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, USDC, and other cryptocurrencies from customers all over the world.

✔ Easy to install and use, and it seamlessly integrates with your existing WooCommerce store.



A Satisfied Customer is the Best Business Strategy for All

Everybody wins… Not only you, your customers too. Your Customers will enjoy safety, speed & versatility.


Cheaper & Quicker Transactions

Crypto payments happen peer to peer allowing faster & cheaper transactions in comparison to other payment methods.

Increased Autonomy & Security

Bitcoin is permissionless with no borders or limits. Gift your customers safer more convenient payment methods from anywhere.

Safer & Easier Mobile Payments

Cryptocurrency allows people to conduct mobile payments quicker, safer & easier meaning that they can pay anytime, anywhere.

Are you Ready to Accept Crypto Payments?

No initial investment or one-time fees, no recurring subscription, and no hidden charges.