How to buy cryptocurrency Purchase Crypto Easily Today

Crypto markets have gained massive momentum over the past decade and everyone is looking to get involved with cryptocurrencies trading. To help you along your trading career, we have put together this page to detail how you can buy cryptocurrency.

There are more customers interested in buying cryptocurrency than ever before and that brings along plenty of online operators to the scene. Deciding which of these platforms to use can be quite a daunting experience as you will be using your own, real money to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Zeply aims to inform interested customers about the industry and describe exactly what makes our platform an industry-leading offer.

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How to buy cryptocurrency Purchase Crypto Easily Today

What is cryptocurrency?

Understanding the specifics behind cryptocurrency and how does cryptocurrency work is crucial if you plan on trading the digital asset. The most well-known concept of cryptocurrency would have to be Bitcoin. It is by far the most popular cryptocurrency on the market and maintains its dominance with over 60% of the market capitalisation. The cryptocurrency was created in 2008 and was a proposal for a financial revolution from Satoshi Nakomoto. The idea was to have a form of currency that was completely decentralised, relatively scarce and made use of peer-to-peer transactions. These criteria were met when Bitcoin was created and it serves as the foundation for most other cryptocurrencies on the market.

Cryptocurrencies allow owners a high degree of privacy when completing transactions and each transaction is also made visible to the public. While it is visible, your public key has no link to your identity whatsoever. This allows an unprecedented level of transparency regarding transactions while keeping the owner’s details safe. To achieve this, a network for “crypto mining” was established which is basically a number of computers competing to validate the transaction and receive crypto units as a reward. This provides even greater security when you are completing transactions as the miner is statistically random.

All of these features of cryptocurrencies have made many traders consider them to be the transaction method of the future and the crypto market prices serve as proof to this statement. Bitcoin is managing to reach record highs on a fairly frequent basis and this has drawn in investors who had initially seen the market as too volatile to be worthwhile. Its relative scarcity and the concept of “cryptocurrency halving” made it even more attractive.

On the other hand, even if you could still hear the occasional person asking “is Bitcoin safe” or “is Bitcoin legal,” you can rest assured that with a safe and compliant trading platform, like Zeply, it is. Zeply now offers anyone the opportunity to purchase some units and join the leagues of crypto traders out there. You won’t have to look any further for a comprehensive service offer, we have all you will need, right here.

Trading Bitcoin with Zeply

Trading Bitcoin with Zeply

Zeply offers a crypto trading and wallet service that is available to the general public, if they have the necessary documentation to validate their account. Zeply has put together a simple trading platform that anyone can use and this allows a large community of traders to be established. You no longer have to be very tech-savvy to buy cryptocurrency and this page aims to make it even easier for all readers out there to join the industry.

Deciding where to buy cryptocurrency is a big decision, as you will likely be using the online service for most of your trading career. Having a reliable online service will ensure that your entire experience is as smooth as possible. It is important to remember that the markets are relatively volatile and having all the information about the industry may lower your chances of losing some funds. Fortunately, Zeply offers both a ‘Learn’ and ‘News’ service that is available to everyone who wants to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This will allow you to learn more about the crypto industry as a whole to gain a more informed opinion when it comes to buying crypto. You can learn about the entire service on offer at Zeply and the crucial information surrounding the industry.

The crypto news section is updated very frequently to keep readers up to date with the latest developments on the crypto scene. You will have access to features and articles that may provide further information to strengthen your price prediction. The news section will allow you stay on top of the industry and you should check back daily to browse through any new articles that may have been posted.

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How to buy cryptocurrency

Knowing how to buy cryptocurrency is the first piece of information you will need to get your trading career underway. There are plenty of ways to do this, from simply having a crypto wallet and trading on forums to the variety of trading platforms that are now available. These platforms serve as an intermediary for the peer-to-peer network and allow for easy transactions. If you are looking to buy cryptocurrency, your most efficient means would be to use our trading platform. Due to its simplicity and minimal requirements, you will be able to join a network of traders out there also looking to get involved with cryptocurrencies.

Open an account with us

To open an account at Zeply is incredibly easy. Once you have arrived at our homepage, you will be greeted with our ‘Sign Up’ button right in the center of the screen. From here, you will need to give your basic information to further the signup process. Once this is done, you will need to verify your email address to ensure that it is legitimate and not another hacking attempt. Thereafter, you will need to verify your mobile phone number to comply with financial regulations. This mobile number will also be used with two-factor authentication, so ensure that you will have access to the device in the future.

You will then need to share your personal details such as date of birth, gender and location to complete the process. Once you have done all of this, you will be redirected to the login page where you can now type in your new account’s details. When you have logged in, you will finally reach the dashboard of our trading platform. From here, you can browse through our features, or head straight to the buy cryptocurrency option available on the left.

As you have seen, you will be ready to use the best crypto app in just a few simple steps.

Remember to opt in

When you are opting to buy cryptocurrency, you will need to have selected your preferred currency for transactions. Thereafter, you will need to provide a payment method in order to deposit your traditional currency to be exchanged for the cryptocurrency you are looking to trade. There is also an area to store your bank cards to make the transaction procedure even easier. We also offer an activities area to see just how the prices are behaving to further inform your transaction decisions. You will also be able to complete exchanges and withdrawals from the home dashboard. It is always recommended that you enable our two-factor authentication (2FA) service to keep your account safe and secure.

Are you in the UK and want to know more?

In Zeply, we have you covered. Check our guide on how to buy cryptocurrencies UK. With Zeply, you can buy Bitcoin UK and sell Bitcoin UK with total confidence and the support you deserve.

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Buy Bitcoin instantly with your credit or debit card

Why Zeply?

With so many trading platforms out there detailing how to get Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, you might be wondering, “Why Zeply?”, and looking for a Zeply review. In this section, we will run through exactly what makes our service a cut above the rest and why you have to look no further than right here for all of your cryptocurrency trading needs.

Easy registration

To start off with our offer, our registration process is remarkably easy. You will be able to open an account with Zeply in less than five minutes if you have direct access to your email account of preference. Our registration procedure also requires the bare minimum of details when you sign up and this is simply done to comply with financial regulations.

Constant support

Our support team at Zeply is available around the clock and you will have access to them with a click of a button. There is a portrait in the top right of the dashboard that will open a chat to one of our support representatives and they are on standby to work through any queries or issues you may have. If you have a complicated issue, you can also email us from our ‘Contact’ section on our webpage and we will assign a customer service representative to your case to ensure that the matter is resolved as quickly as possible.

Trading platform

Our trading platform is available to all customers and you won’t have to pay premium cryptocurrency transaction fees to get full access to our service. This service is available to all accounts and is set up in such a way that you won’t have to browse much to handle your transactions and funds.

Everything you need is included within the trading platform dashboard and the entire experience is also mobile-friendly. You will receive notifications of your investment portfolio within the platform itself and you will also have access to our world-class customer service without even leaving the page. We strive to make it easy for you to invest in cryptocurrency safely and effectively.

Instant payments

The biggest testament to the quality of our service is the instant transaction processing times. Depending on what payment method you have chosen, you may be able to buy cryptocurrency without having to wait days on end before the crypto units are available in your account. For example, you can use your debit or credit card, and while you will not be able to buy crypto with PayPal yet, were are working on making more payment alternatives available.

Once you have these units, you will also be able to exchange and/or trade them in an instant. Whenever you make use of a Bitcoin transaction, our processing times are instantaneous. When you wish to withdraw funds, there will be a certain processing time that is applicable before the crypto units are traded back into traditional currency options.

Secure & safe

Finally, our service is an industry leader when it comes to customer security and safety. Your account will be secured with two factor authentication, once again, it is important to remember to opt-in for this service as it will require access to your mobile device each time you wish to log in to your account.

Also, while other platforms let you buy Bitcoin without ID or personal information, they are not as secure as Zeply. The entire Zeply service is licensed and regulated by the Estonian Financial Intelligence unit which ensures that customers will be treated fairly when using the service. There is also full protection of your Bitcoin private keys when you make use of our site so your funds will be protected.

Get your trading career started

Trading cryptocurrencies can seem intimidating to even the most experienced of traders out there and we have put together some tips to help you in making your trading decisions once you have decided to buy cryptocurrency. These tips are not guaranteed to provide you with gains as anything can happen. But it is always recommended that you take advantage of all the information at your disposal when you are trading and participating in a crypto exchange. That would be tip number one.

Keep an eye on the price

Crypto prices tend to change very quickly and you will need to be on your toes to avoid any drastic losses after you completed the process to buy cryptocurrency. It is important to define your investment before you get started, are you looking at how to buy cryptocurrency to take advantage of the volatility and make some short-term gains, or are you looking to invest in the long-term value of Bitcoin. Once you have done this, you can then set a period of time that you will need to follow our Zeply cryptocurrency charts. This will allow you to make clutch buy and sell decisions if your price limit is reached. For example, you will not want to miss a great price to sell Bitcoin if you prefer short-term gains.

Have your funds ready

Now that you know how to buy cryptocurrency, it is important to be aware of where the price is currently and to have your funds ready for that perfect buying opportunity. You can credit your Zeply account with USD, GBP or EUR to buy cryptocurrency instantly. This will allow you to take advantage of any dips in value and ensure that you don’t miss any opportunities. Also, remember that, in Zeply, you can conveniently buy crypto with credit card. However, it is important to set yourself a trading budget as well, so you don’t run the risk of committing too much of your available funds to buy cryptocurrency.

Set yourself limits

As with trading any asset, you should set yourself limits related to the price of the asset so that you don’t run the risk of losing too much of your funds. This should be done once you have placed your initial investment and will require a fair amount of discipline to ensure that you don’t keep shifting the goalposts.

Buying cryptocurrency has never been easier

This brings us to the end of our guide detailing how to buy cryptocurrency. By now, you should have a solid understanding of what Bitcoin is and how it is traded. It has definitely become a sought after digital asset to many traders and you will need to make use of our learning platform to decide if you would like to get involved with the industry.

Now, if you want to learn how to make money with Bitcoin, we also have you covered. Our Bitcoin review is also available if you want to know more about the most popular cryptocurrency.

When it comes to trading Bitcoin, you won’t have to look further than the Zeply service that is on offer and you should have a solid understanding of exactly how you can sign up for our intuitive trading platform. This process is a breeze and you will be backed up by a world-class customer support team once you have opened an account.

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Buying cryptocurrency has never been easier

Buy cryptocurrency FAQ

❓ How do I purchase cryptocurrency?

There are more people interested in buying cryptocurrency than ever before and you might be wondering how you can join the craze. There are a number of things you will need before you can begin buying and trading cryptocurrency. Our detailed articles here at serve to inform all readers about the necessary details surrounding the crypto industry and they are available to everyone.

📃 What do I need to buy crypto?

When you have made the decision to buy some cryptocurrency, you will need to be sure that you have all your documents and details ready before you can get trading. These requirements will depend on what account you plan on opening and our page provides all the necessary information to ensure that you don’t miss a thing when signing up.

📍 Where can I buy cryptocurrency?

There are plenty of cryptocurrency trading platforms available on the market as there is a higher demand than ever before with crypto markets. You won’t have to look any further than right here at Our articles serve to inform anyone about the industry and show just how we manage to meet all the requirements sought out in a crypto trading platform.

💱 Can I buy cryptocurrency with Zeply?

Zeply offers an online service that is available to anyone interested in buying and trading cryptocurrencies. You will be able to find all of the details surrounding our trading platform right here on the site and each page will provide you with more details around the crypto trading industry as a whole. Be sure to read through some of our articles right here.

🥇 Who is the best crypto trading platform on the market?

Depending on your trading style and needs, you will have completely different requirements from an online trading platform than the next customer out there. Our articles at Zeply discuss exactly what makes a top quality trading service and explain what our team has done to meet your requirements. Be sure to read through our site to find all the details you will need.

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