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Cryptocurrency is traded using an online platform or via a crypto app. The best app will allow you to buy, sell, and exchange crypto with innovative trading tools. At Zeply, we believe in empowering individual traders by giving them the necessary online tools in order to start trading cryptocurrency.

If you are a newcomer to online crypto trading or an experienced crypto trader, the best app to buy crypto will serve the same purpose. All of which promotes online crypto trading within a safe and secure environment.

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What Is Cryptocurrency?

First, is important to know how does cryptocurrency work. Cryptocurrencies are seen as a digital asset. These assets act as a medium of exchange, and can be stored in the form of digital coins or tokens. As the world moves towards an increasingly digital world, these assets continue to increase in value, as the cryptocurrency charts show. In order to buy cryptocurrency and use it, it is necessary to make use of a crypto platform or crypto app. At Zeply, we have outlined all you need to know about the best crypto app and how to go about using one to get the best cryptocurrency.

With Zeply, you don’t have to learn anything about “crypto mining” or “crypto halving” to unlock the digital value of cryptocurrency… but if you want, we have you covered.

Why Use A Crypto App?

The best crypto app is an accessible medium that enables you to analyse market data, buy and sell crypto, and store any crypto coins that you wish to accumulate. The best crypto wallet app is designed with the goal of allowing traders access on the go, without hesitation.

We have created a dynamic online platform that strives to give you the freedom to trade crypto without encountering any hurdles. At present, Zeply is an online platform that can be used via your desktop and laptop. We have designed our crypto platform with the full capabilities of running via a mobile device. Although there is no dedicated Zeply crypto app at present, our team is currently in the process of creating an app that will be available on iPhone and Android. This guide has been put forward with this in mind and we hope that you will soon be using our very own cryptocurrency trader app with Zeply.

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Characteristics That Define a Good Crypto App?

When assessing the strength and viability of the best cryptocurrency trader app, there are certain characteristics that define the best app and separates it from a mediocre app. At Zeply, we have incorporated these aspects into our online trading platform and are in the process of doing the same with our very own cryptocurrency trader app.

Accessible on a range of different operating systems 

Although Zeply doesn’t have a dedicated mobile app per se, an Android and iPhone app is in the works. As we have alluded to above, the online platform is more than capable of being used via a mobile device for now. The best crypto app should always be accessible across a number of operating systems. You needn’t have to change operating systems just to access a crypto app. At Zeply, we are in the process of ensuring you will have full access, regardless of the mobile device and operating system that you use.

Comprehensive security and transparency 

The best crypto app will have all the necessary security measures in place. This includes personalised passwords, 2-factor authentication, and safe storage of crypto coins. The security of an online app must meet that of the full online platform. Nowadays, the advancements made in security software bodes well for future apps – something which is not lost on the team at Zeply, as any Zeply review would tell you.

Fast payment processing 

Bitcoin has lightning-fast payment processing software in place. This enables you to buy, sell, and exchange Bitcoin with a seconds delay, and the best Bitcoin app should do the same. Our interface is also designed in a way that enables you to transfer crypto without having to wait. The entire platform is set up in a way that streamlines the ability to make transactions. You can even buy crypto with credit card, and we are working to let you buy crypto with PayPal.

Live market data 

At Zeply, we understand that having access to live market data and the underlying analytics is the catalyst for successful trading. We have incorporated data feeds of crypto markets that enable you to track the price movements and developments that might encourage you to act as it is making crypto news. The best cryptocurrency trader app will facilitate these tools on a wider scale, in real-time.

Low and transparent fees

We believe that making these digital assets accessible is essential, so we have low and transparent cryptocurrency transaction fees. No more hidden fees.

Ability to exchange currency for crypto in real-time 

Lastly, Zeply is a cryptocurrency trading platform that lets you exchange crypto for Euro and Euro for crypto in real-time. If you wish to take advantage of a particular exchange rate, you won’t end up losing out due to a delay in the processing of your currency exchange. We are set to build this function into our crypto app, too.

Tips For Using A Crypto App

Below, we’ve outlined a number of trading tips that will help you successfully use the best crypto app. This process applies to our trading platform and can be used once our crypto app is released.

Complete KYC process 

At Zeply, we believe in transparent practices and enabling all individuals to have complete control over their accounts. As such, when you use our trading platform and crypto app in the near future, you will be required to verify your identity by completing the KYC process. The KYC verification process has been put forward so that all traders are able to verify their identities and ensure that their details submitted are not used by someone else for illicit purposes. All that you need to do to verify your account via the online platform or app is to upload an identification document along with a selfie. Once your account is verified, you’ll be one step closer to buying crypto.

Link your payment method 

You will need to link your payment method to your Zeply account. This can be done by adding a bank card that is in your name. Take a photo and enter the details and you’ll be set to fund your account and start buying crypto. This step is streamlined so that you only have to spend a minute or two uploading and linking your payment method.

Use the Zeply Crypto Wallet to store your holdings 

You will be able to use the crypto wallet app or online trading platform to store your crypto holdings. For now, you can do so using our online platform and will have no issue storing your digital assets in a crypto wallet using our 24/7 support. From here, you can engage in a number of different crypto trading activities.


Buying Crypto On The Go With Zeply

In conclusion, the best crypto app will provide you with ease of access and a multitude of online trading tools. From analysing live market data to buying crypto via a secure network, the best crypto app will change the way you trade crypto. At Zeply, we are extremely eager to bring you our newly-designed app – a feat that is soon to become a reality. For now, we are certain that you will find our trading platform functions just as well via your mobile device.

Our team has compiled a number of telling guides that will help you navigate the world of online crypto trading right here at Zeply!

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Best Crypto App FAQ

💡What is the best crypto app?

When it comes to a crypto app, there are a dime a dozen. However, it’s important to find the best crypto app for your trading preferences. At Zeply, we are currently developing an industry-leading crypto app that will enable you to buy crypto as you see fit. To find out more about our exciting crypto app, take a look at our latest guide crafted by our expert writers here at Zeply. It is with much enthusiasm that we hope to have you onboard as we navigate the world of cryptocurrency together.

📲How do I download a crypto app?

You can download a crypto app without much difficulty. The best cryptocurrency app will be readily available on the app store of your operating system. All that you need to do is search for the app and you’re already halfway there. To find out how to successfully download the best crypto wallet app, take a look at our crypto app guide here at Zeply. We’re always looking to advance your know-how of online crypto trading.

✅Are there crypto Android apps?

The best app to buy crypto will be available across operating systems. There’s no need to consider buying a different mobile device just in order to have access to a crypto iPhone app. The best crypto apps will be available on iPhone and Android. At Zeply, we will soon roll out a crypto app that is available on both operating systems and is easy to download and put into motion. You’ll find that you can trade crypto within a couple of touches of your mobile device. 

🔐Why do I need to use the best crypto wallet app?

You can always make use of a desktop platform if you wish to trade crypto. But, crypto apps give you ease of access and the ability to trade wherever you find yourself. The best crypto app doesn’t take up much space on your mobile device and provides you with all the functionalities of a full trading platform. If you are away from home often or don’t own a desktop or laptop, you shouldn’t be kept in the dark. A crypto app will enable you to enjoy all the online trading services. At Zeply, we understand this and bring you an in-depth guide on how to download and use the best crypto app from us.

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