Best Bitcoin App The Best Bitcoin Trader Apps For 2022

Bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalisation and interest in Bitcoin is abound across the UK. Zeply has expanded it’s Bitcoin trading services into the UK market and you will be able to use our site to trade Bitcoin around the clock.

Trading Bitcoin can be a risky activity as the asset tends to be rather volatile. However, with the right platform and the best crypto app – one with a scattering of fresh trading tools – you will be able to control your trades and make the most of Bitcoin trading opportunities.

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Bitcoin: The Story So Far

Bitcoin was invented in 2007 and the first Bitcoin was traded 3 years later. With the improvements in blockchain technology and the seemingly infinite applications that come with it, Bitcoin continued to gain prominence. In 2017, Bitcoin was trading at over $18,000. The bubble burst and the value of Bitcoin plummeted. 3-4 years on and Bitcoin is exceeding all expectations and has increased exponentially. With the gradual acceptance of Bitcoin as a mainstream form of payments, as well as the adoption of blockchain technology in traditional sectors of society, more and more people are looking to use a Bitcoin trader app in order to buy Bitcoin.

Advantages Of The Best Bitcoin Trading App

In order to buy Bitcoin, we advocate the use of a Bitcoin trader app. Trading apps are streamlined to facilitate online Bitcoin purchases. This extends to the buying, selling, and exchanging of Bitcoin. In addition to this, the best Bitcoin app allows you to track Bitcoin price movements, analyse relevant markets determinants, and store Bitcoin securely. As such, it is imperative that you use the best Bitcoin wallet app in order to control your Bitcoin holdings to the fullest extent.

Zeply brings you an online trading platform that enables you to do this. Although we have not released our Bitcoin app as of yet, you will soon be able to download our trading app to your very own mobile device.

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Characteristics To Look Out For In A Bitcoin App

When it comes to using a Bitcoin trader app, it is imperative that you look out for certain characteristics. Below, we have outlined a number of pointers that define the best Bitcoin app. Although Zeply currently only has an online platform, our trading platform manages to meet all of these characteristics and exceeds expectations in all departments.

Accessible from your location 

When looking for a Bitcoin app to use, it is vital that the app is available in your geographic location. If the Bitcoin app is not available in the UK, you will need to find another Bitcoin trader app to use. Fortunately, Zeply offers its full complement of services to UK residents. We have a fully-functional online trading platform that is limitless in its ability to service the UK Bitcoin market.

Available on multiple operating systems 

The best Bitcoin app should be available on multiple operating systems. This enables users to use a Bitcoin iPhone app or a Bitcoin Android app. It is with much excitement that our app at Zeply will be available on both operating systems. This will extend our reach within the UK market and will provide you with ease of access.

Facilitates instant transactions 

Any Bitcoin trading app worth its weight in gold will have the capability of facilitating instant transactions.

Ensures a secure trading experience 

The best Bitcoin trader app will have the same security oversight and added security measures that are on offer when using the online trading platform. At Zeply, we are always looking at ways in which to improve the overall customer service experience and enhance any security measures that might benefit you.

Buying cryptocurrency has never been easier Zeply

Bitcoin App Coming Soon To Zeply

Our latest Bitcoin app is coming soon to Zeply and it will match the excellency of the site. We have utilised the latest software and you will be able to access a range of trading features and innovative tools that will help you trade Bitcoin and facilitate the entire online trading experience.

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Tips For Using A Bitcoin Trading App

Below, we have outlined a number of tips that will help when you are starting out with the best Bitcoin app. These tips can be used when using our Zeply trading app and can be applied to our forthcoming Bitcoin app.

Always do your research 

Be sure to always do your research before you start buying Bitcoin via our platform and soon-to-be Bitcoin app. Bitcoin can be a volatile asset and we urge you to make the most of our resources so as to familiarise yourself with the Bitcoin market and the underlying data that enables you to track and assess potential movements.

Complete the KYC process 

IN order to fully verify your account, we urge you to complete the KYC verification process as soon as possible. This will also enable you to secure your account and stops entities from using false profiles to create trading accounts. The KYC verification process is there to protect you and your data.

Don’t buy/sell Bitcoin under pressure 

When it comes to using a Bitcoin trader app or the Zeply platform, be sure that you do not engage in any trades when you are under pressure This extends to emotional, financial, or physical pressure. At Zeply, we put the user first. If you experience any problems, feel free to get in touch with our customer support team.


Creating A Bitcoin Trading Account

When it comes to creating a Bitcoin trading account, we have streamlined the entire process so that you can set up an account within several minutes. From registration to verifying your account to buying Bitcoin, you’ll be amazed at the ease of transition.

  • Visit the homepage of Zeply and click on the “Sign Up” button.
  • You will need to provide Zeply with your basic details.
  • Verify your email address and phone number.
  • Provide Zeply with all your personal details. You will now be able to verify your account.
  • From here, it is possible to fund your trading account in order to start buying Bitcoin.

The upcoming Bitcoin app will follow more or less the same process. Keep in mind that you will need to download the Bitcoin iPhone app or the Bitcoin Android app for Zeply. Once you have done this, you’ll have free reign to start trading Bitcoin via your mobile device.

Get Started With Your Bitcoin Account

We look forward to introducing you to Zeply’s very own Bitcoin trading app in the near future. For now, we are confident that our online trading platform meets all the requirements, and certainly exceeds them, when it comes to providing a full-scale and innovative trading experience. You will be able to buy, sell, and exchange Bitcoin via a secure platform.

If you wish to find out more about online Bitcoin trading and how to make the most of Zeply trading platform, then take a look at our extensive resources compiled by our professional team!

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Best Bitcoin App FAQ

👀Where do I find the best Bitcoin app?

When you are looking for the best Bitcoin app, it’s important that you look in the right place. There are a variety of online sites advertising a Bitcoin app. However, not all of them operate that well. As such, our team at Zeply have crafted an in-depth guide that will outline precisely what a Bitcoin app consists of, and how you can make the most of using one to buy Bitcoin. At Zeply, we specialise in Bitcoin trading and are eager to help you in your trading endeavour.

📱Can I download the best Bitcoin trader app for iPhone and Android?

The best app to buy Bitcoin will be accessible on a range of different operating systems. It’s important that an app is versatile so that it reaches a wider client base. At Zeply, we are working on an app that will be available on both operating systems. This will enable you to download the app and use it directly from your mobile device. Being able to trade and monitor the market on the go has just become a whole lot easier. To find out how to go about downloading an app, take a look at our guide on the best Bitcoin trader app.

💰Does the best app to buy Bitcoin cost money?

You shouldn’t have to pay for a Bitcoin app. The best Bitcoin app should be available freely from the respective app store that you use. At Zeply, we believe in creating an online trading environment that is accessible and cost-effective. To find out what kind of fees you can expect with our upcoming Bitcoin wallet app, take a look at our latest guide that has been crafted by our expert team. We’re looking to the future and hope that you can join us in moving forward together.

⚡Can I use the best Bitcoin wallet app to store Bitcoin?

The Best Bitcoin wallet app should be able to store and manage your Bitcoin. Without these two functionalities, the app becomes redundant. It is vital to find a Bitcoin app that has the necessary capabilities that allows you to use your Bitcoin at will. This type of app must be secure and flexible. To find out what you can do with the Zeply app, take a look at our latest guide.

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