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Hey Zeply reader, welcome to our guide on how to get Bitcoins in 2021. We’re here to give you the rundown on the various methods you can use to acquire Bitcoin. We’ll explore the tools and skills needed to mine Bitcoins, how to earn Bitcoin and how to trade and transfer Bitcoin from one person to another. Lastly, we’ll let you know the steps you need to take to buy Bitcoin using Zeply. So sit down, strap in and perch your favourite brew on the coffee table. We’re going in!

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Bitcoin: What Is It?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. If you’re unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies, they’re online currencies that use cryptography to transfer them from one digital wallet to another. Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency. It was created in 2008 with very little fanfare, but has gained a reputation over the years as the cryptocurrency with the most reliable reputation. Part of this is down to financial institutions and banks becoming involved in the trade and regulation of the product. It has also gained support from mainstream businesses throughout the tech market. These include eBay, Mastercard, who have created their own cryptocard to make Bitcoin transactions easier, and Tesla, who are owned by Bitcoin supporter Elon Musk.

The unique nature of Bitcoin has allowed it to infiltrate into financial trading, where it, and other cryptocurrencies can be bought, sold and bet against using CFDs. Bitcoin’s performance on the markets has been well-documented, with its price rising consistently since 2013, and increasing the desire to buy cryptocurrency in general.

Also, if you ask yourself, “is Bitcoin safe” or “is Bitcoin legal,” with us, it is. That is one of the reasons why we have a user verification process. While other platforms allow you to buy Bitcoin without ID, we make sure tour community is protected under the current regulation.

Who Are We?

Here at Zeply, we aim to introduce newcomers to the world of Bitcoin in a safe way. We not only tell you how to get Bitcoins, but we make sure that they’re kept safe using identity authentication and card verification. If you’re already experienced with Bitcoin we offer you the chance to store your existing Bitcoin with us free of charge. You can also send, receive, exchange and buy Bitcoin using our mobile app. We never charge fees on any Bitcoin transactions, leaving 100% of your funds untouched.


Ways To Get Bitcoin

But enough about us. How to get Bitcoins is the aim of this article, after all. There are many ways to get Bitcoin, from mining or playing games to earn Bitcoin to Bitcoin trading and purchases. We have all of the information you need to get started on your journey to Bitcoin success. These include:

  • Bitcoin Mining
  • Earning Bitcoin
  • Be gifted Bitcoin
  • Trading Bitcoin
  • Purchasing Bitcoin

Bitcoin Mining

If you search for “how to make money with Bitcoin,” you will find that one of the oldest ways of receiving Bitcoin is to mine for it. You won’t need to get your pickaxe, though, Bitcoin mining requires technical tools to hunt for the cryptocurrency, namely a mining rig, made up of at least a Graphics Processing Unit or an Application Specific Integrated Circuit and some computer know-how.

Bitcoin mining was created by the founder of Bitcoin as a way of verifying the world’s transactions completed using Bitcoin. There is a well-known issue with cryptocurrency that allows tech-savvy individuals to illicitly reproduce a cryptocurrency they own and spend it twice. This is known as double-spending. To counteract that, Bitcoin’s founder Satoshi Nakamoto vowed to reward Bitcoin users in their attempt to keep financial transactions in check.

Bitcoin transactions are sent digitally. Each transaction is made up of packets of code, which in turn form to make up every link in the blockchain process. Miners check these data packets in search of a 64-digit code called a ‘hash’. During this process, other data is checked. Every miner who processes 1mb of data is made eligible for the Bitcoin reward, which currently stands at 6.25Btc. The first one to find the hash and process 1mb of data receives the cryptocurrency. While this was a trendy alternative a few years ago, nowadays, as we indicated in our Bitcoin review, it will not be the best way to obtain the digital asset for the majority of people.


  • Miners who receive the reward get free Bitcoin rather than have to buy it.
  • Many who mine data find it fun


  • Buying initial equipment for mining is expensive
  • No guarantee that you will receive any Bitcoin
  • Time consuming

Earning Bitcoin: How to Get Bitcoin for Free vs Bitcoin Gambling

There are plenty of websites out there that give you the option to play games in return for small percentages of Bitcoins. While this can be a fun way of earning Bitcoin for nothing, it takes a long time to earn enough currency to cash out. Another important thing to mention regarding Bitcoin games is the importance of checking out the gaming provider before you register with the Bitcoin game website. Some, not all Bitcoin game providers are created with the intention of defrauding the individual registering with them. It is vitally important to do your research before you sign up to ensure that the Bitcoin site you are using is legitimate.

A good way of ensuring that a Bitcoin games website is legit is to check out their security information. Does the website address point to the correct place? Does the games company have data encryption in place, and does the website have any links to gaming authorities? If the answers are yes, then they’re probably legit, but as always, check online reviews to ensure they are safe and secure.

Bitcoin gambling is another way of earning Bitcoin. There are plenty of casinos out there that allow you to play – and pay you if you win – in Bitcoin. However, on the grand list of How to get Bitcoins for free, it’s got to be pretty close to the bottom. The reason is this – gambling is not a guaranteed source of income. You can easily lose more money than you win, and if you choose a less-than-scrupulous website, you could also stand to lose a whole lot more.


  • Games are fun
  • Tight security exists on some websites
  • The potential for large Bitcoin wins


  • No guarantee of wins
  • Some sites are created to capture information rather than offer gaming
  • Difficult to trace money if it is taken

Get Gifted Bitcoin

Who doesn’t like a gift? Sometimes it can be a box of chocolates that brighten your day, other times Bitcoin. Yep, you heard us right. With online pals, friends and family it’s possible to receive Bitcoin just for being you. Want to know how to get Bitcoins for nothing? Read on dear friends, read on!

All you need to do to get (or hopefully receive) Bitcoin from someone else is have a Bitcoin wallet. If you’re wondering how to get a Bitcoin wallet, we’ll get into that in a minute. A Bitcoin wallet is the online place where you store your cryptocurrency. You can either set these up online with dedicated crypto wallet sites or you can use Zeply. We allow you up to three Bitcoin wallets free of charge. These can be accessed wherever you are, 24/7.

For a friend to send you a Bitcoin gift you need to let them know your Bitcoin wallet address. This is recorded in your Zeply app. They can then ping the money over to you instantly. There are no fees for receiving Bitcoin.

Let’s say, though, that you want to pay them back. That’s easy too. Make sure you’ve got funds to send in your Bitcoin wallet and click ‘send’. You’ll then be prompted to type in the receiving Bitcoin address and the amount of Bitcoin you want to send. We charge no fees for these transactions.


  • Receive the exact amount you need
  • Receive money instantly
  • No transaction fees
  • A simple and easy process


  • Friends might want you to pay them back…

Trading Bitcoin

If you prefer the safety and security of operating through a financial broker, Bitcoin trading might be for you. You can choose to buy and, when the time comes, sell Bitcoin online or via the telephone using a brokerage service or alternatively opt for a CFD. This is a Contract for Difference arrangement which allows you to wager on the difference between the price you purchased your Bitcoin CFD at and the price Bitcoin finishes at when it comes time to cash in. Like traditional online trading, this is a high-risk venture that is best suited to those with underlying experience of Bitcoin trading. If this is you, read on!

One aspect of Bitcoin trading that cannot be overlooked are the fees charged when you complete a trade. These differ depending on the broker you deal with, but can include overnight fees, dormant account fees and fees to manage the transaction for you. This can work out more costly than purchasing direct.


  • Trading is regulated, ensuring it is safe
  • Can purchase CFDs which are lower cost than full Bitcoin price
  • Managed for you by a broker


  • Fees can be large
  • Price of Bitcoin can fall as well as rise
  • High risk venture
  • Trading experience needed

Purchasing Bitcoin

One of the simplest ways of acquiring Bitcoin is to purchase it direct. The process is simple, you ensure you’ve got a Bitcoin wallet and you purchase the Bitcoin from a reputable source. The difficulty is finding a reputable source. That’s where we come in. At Zeply, we allow you to buy, sell, exchange and receive Bitcoin from any worldly location, 24/7.

To purchase Bitcoin you’ll first need to register with us. We use identity verification to ensure all of our customers are kept safe. Once you’ve registered, just add your card details. We currently accept VISA and Mastercard only – again, this is because of the security checks performed on their transactions. Our aim is to make obtaining and using Bitcoin as safe and easy as possible. We’re dedicated to making Bitcoin the most loved currency on the planet.

Once verified you’ll need to click the ‘buy’ button. Then type in the amount of Bitcoin you’d like to purchase. We never charge fees for any of our transactions. The Bitcoin amount you ask for is the Bitcoin amount you get. That’s it, your Bitcoin will wing its way to you instantly.


  • Instant transactions
  • No fees, ever!
  • An easy to use website and app
  • Safe transactions


  • You need to have cash to invest to buy Bitcoin.

To close, if you live in the UK, don’t skip our guides on how to buy cryptocurrency UK or, specifically, how to buy Bitcoin UK. Also, knowing the answer to how to sell Bitcoin UK will be helpful.

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How To Get Bitcoin FAQ

❓How do I use Bitcoin?

There’s no right or wrong answer on how to use Bitcoin. What you use it for is totally up to you. Some people purchase Bitcoin to save for a rainy day or in the hope that the Bitcoin price will rise and provide a nice nest egg for the future. Others purchase Bitcoin as it provides a level of financial control away from the usual banking system. For some, they like the fact that they can send money internationally without expensive fees instantly. However you use your Bitcoin, Zeply is here to help you manage it.

📃Is dealing with Bitcoin expensive?

It depends what you’re doing with it. Most Bitcoin transactions come with fees unless otherwise stated by the Bitcoin storage company or provider. Zeply guarantee to never charge fees on any transactions, allowing you full control over the currency’s value.

📍I heard that Bitcoin is unsafe. Can you explain why I should use it?

Bitcoin is a currency. Any risk associated with it is in the transaction process of moving Bitcoin from one account to another. The best way to protect your Bitcoin online is to store it with a reputable company and ensure that any transactions involving your Bitcoin are encrypted and regulated. For more information, please see our article on KYC verification.

💱Will the Bitcoin price rise soon?

Oh how we wish we had a crystal ball! Sadly we don’t know what the future direction of Bitcoin is, but we believe in it as a currency. We recommend gathering intelligence on Bitcoin’s past and current trends so you can be ready to catch a price rise in action.

🥇How do I register with Zeply?

Zeply registration couldn’t be simpler. Just click the ‘sign up’ button on our website and follow the registration instructions. Registering with Zeply should take just a few minutes!

To find out more about our Bitcoin buying, selling and exchange services contact us today!

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