Why Should I Sell Bitcoin in the UK with Zeply? Selling Bitcoin in the UK 2023

Hi, we’re Zeply, the preferred place to safely and securely buy, transfer, exchange and sell Bitcoin in the UK using accurate live prices. We’re on a mission to make Bitcoin the currency used by the masses. For that to happen, the industry needs to become easier. That’s where we come in. We’re simplifying the process on the ground level, providing our customers with instant transactions and robust security measures to keep them and their personal data safe.

Maybe you already know how to buy cryptocurrency and want to know how to sell Bitcoin in the UK. Here at Zeply we’re always on hand to guide you through the process. Oh, and did we mention we never charge fees?

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Bitcoin: What is it, and why do I want it?

Bitcoin is the oldest and most well-known cryptocurrency in the world. It was created in 2008 and launched in 2009 by “Satoshi Nakamoto” , the alias, or aliases of the digital asset’s founder(s).

As we have indicated in our Bitcoin review, unlike fiat currency, cryptocurrencies are not usually distributed by the government. Instead, they are stored online in e-wallets and bought, sold and exchanged around the world via direct client-to-client transactions, or more recently, through trading platforms. While fees are usually charged for these trading transactions, Zeply chooses not to, making it easy to buy, store and sell Bitcoin without being charged for the service.

While Bitcoin may not be a new currency, there is still a little reluctance towards it in the financial sector. Much of this is down to its storied past, which was on the whole unregulated. However, strict guidelines have been put in place all over the world to ensure that regulation occurs in a natural, yet non-restrictive way.

We know that what matters is not only the answer to the questions “is Bitcoin safe” or “is Bitcoin legal,” but also where is the best place to operate with the digital currency. Here at Zeply we adhere to the laws required of us at home and internationally, while also ensuring that our own personal safety and security guidelines are met and displayed in a transparent manner. We are the answer on how to get Bitcoins the best way.

Safety and Security: How are my details kept safe?

Zeply takes the online and financial safety of all of our customers very seriously. We work in conjunction with the relevant authorities to ensure that you have the utmost level of security when completing Bitcoin transactions with us.

We are based in Estonia. As a result, we are registered with and hold a license granted by the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit, an independent structured unit of the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board, who works to counteract money laundering and terrorist financing. To help them in this quest, we require certain verification information when a customer registers with us. This is gathered during our initial registration through identification documents supplied by our customers. While other platforms may allow you to buy Bitcoin without ID, a KYC verification check is completed on all our customers to ensure your safety.

To further support the safety and security of all of our UK customers using our website or mobile app, we use two financial verification checks during transactions. The first is Verified by Visa and the second is Mastercard SecureCode, which applies to all mobile card transactions.

Lastly, all of our users can opt for 2 Factor Authorisation using the Authenticator app. This can be easily turned on in the Zeply app’s security tab. When activated, you’ll be required to scan a QR code in the authenticator app to verify your identity.

Payment Options: What are Zeply’s payment options?

We accept payments to your Zeply Bitcoin account using credit and debit cards only. Why, we hear you ask? Well, they’re easy to verify using mobile authentication. We take security very seriously, so you’ll need to verify your Zeply account before you can add your card details. Once this is done, you can add your card details in the following way.

  • Go to the ‘Card’ tab on the app
  • Click ‘add a card’
  • When prompted, take a picture of the front of your card. Be sure to cover the middle of the card with your thumb. We only need the first 6 digits and the last 4 digits.
  • You’ll be prompted to take a pic of the back of your card. Please do this.
  • Add your card details exactly as they’re written on your card.
  • Click ‘add card’ again.

That’s it! Your card is ready to make and receive payments.

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Transaction Fees: You’re going to charge me, right?

If you’re still wondering what sets us apart from the majority of Bitcoin exchanges it’s this – we don’t charge fees. None. Nada. Non. That means no fees to buy Bitcoin, no fees to send Bitcoin, no fees to exchange Bitcoin and no fees to receive Bitcoin. The only additional charges you’ll ever pay is the exchange rate between Bitcoin and Euros if you want to transfer your Bitcoin into the fiat currency. This commitment to remove fees makes us one of the cheapest and easiest to use Bitcoin services in the world. With Zeply, you are ready to discover how to make money with Bitcoin, and not how to lose it with fees.

Minimum and Maximum Transactions:

Buy: Minimum $/£/€25, Maximum Unlimited

Send: Minimum $/£/€10, Maximum Unlimited

Receive: Minimum and Maximum $/£/€ Unlimited

Exchange: Minimum $/£/€15, Maximum Unlimited


The Selling Process: Easy and Free from A to Z

If you’re reading this, and after learning  how to buy cryptocurrency UK or, specifically, how to buy Bitcoin UK, the chances are that you want to sell Bitcoin from the UK. At Zeply we do not currently facilitate Bitcoin sales directly through our service. But we do enable you to exchange your Bitcoin for its current value in GB Pounds, US Dollars or Euros and store it in a separate wallet until you are ready to withdraw it. This process is instant and no fees are charged for the service. You’ll only pay the exchange rate. By choosing to transfer your funds into fiat currencies you can benefit from the current price of Bitcoin at the time of transfer, while also having the option of holding onto your fiat currency until the market is favourable to withdraw your funds.

To exchange your funds into Euros:

  • You’ll first need to click the ‘Exchange’ tab in the Zeply app.
  • Select the wallet(s) you wish to convert.
  • Enter the amount of Bitcoin you would like to convert.
  • You will see a conversion rate provided on the screen. This live rate is updated every 15 seconds.
  • Hit the ‘Exchange’ button and your funds will be converted instantly.

Do bear in mind that any funds stored in your Bitcoin and fiat coin wallets cannot currently be withdrawn. This is a service which we hope to create in the near-future.


Software Available: Do I need specialised software to use Zeply?

Don’t worry, no specialised software is needed to use Zeply. We operate online and through our mobile app, which can be downloaded directly to your mobile phone from your phone’s app store or from our website link. The Zeply app allows you to make transactions from anywhere in the world to worldwide locations. Cryptocurrency transactions at the click of a button, with the best prices around. So whether you’re looking to buy, send, receive or exchange Bitcoin, Zeply is the name you can trust.

To find out more about our Bitcoin buying, selling and exchange services contact us or create an account today!

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Why Should I Sell Bitcoin in the UK with Zeply FAQ

❓ How do I sell Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is usually sold through a Bitcoin exchange either online or via mobile. In the UK? Want to sell Bitcoin? For specific details on how to exchange or sell Bitcoin in the UK with Zeply, please take a look through our support site to find help topics. Alternatively, contact our dedicated customer support team using our 24/7 Live Chat service.

📃Do I need to verify my ID before using Zeply?

Thanks for the interest in Zeply! We want to make sure that all of our customers have a safe, secure experience with us. With this in mind, we ask all of our customers to verify their identity by providing identification during registration for our team to process. For more information on verifying your account, and why it is important to do so, please visit this support article.

📍Can I also buy Bitcoin with Zeply?

Yes! Once you’ve verified your Zeply account you’ll be able to add your card details. This allows you to purchase Bitcoin at the current live rate, which is updated every 15 seconds to ensure accuracy. Please contact our team or sign up today to find out more.

💱 How does Cryptocurrency differ from actual currency?

Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin can be used in exchange for goods in the same way that physical currency can. However, it is an entirely digital creation. It can be transferred from one cryptocurrency account to another instantly with minimal fees, allowing for a speedy, cost-effective service. Some choose to trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin on the stock exchange. You can buy and sell Bitcoin in the UK

🥇 Are there any plans to allow withdrawals with Zeply?

Pssst…we’ll let you into a little secret. Don’t tell anyone, but withdrawals are in the pipeline. Keep your eyes peeled for the latest updates!

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