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Bitcoin exchange for new investors. Find the best Bitcoin trading platform that offers instant, free transactions with 24/7 support and a dedicated app. 

When you’re thinking of exploring the world of Bitcoin for the very first time, you need to start by finding a suitable Bitcoin exchange. And to do that you need to understand the various features offered by a Bitcoin trading platform.

In this article we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the features offered by Zeply, to show you how much thought has gone into making us the best Bitcoin exchange for new users. You’ll find out how easy it is to set up an account and start buying, sending, trading and investing in digital currency. 

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Geographical Location

Once you’ve found your perfect Bitcoin trading platform you’ll want to buy your Bitcoin as quickly and easily as possible. But to do that your preferred exchange needs to accept your local fiat currency, otherwise, you could find yourself having to jump through hoops to enable your digital transactions. So if you’re in a European country, for example, you’re going to want to select a cryptocurrency exchange that facilitates purchases in Euros.

It’s important for users to understand that Bitcoin operates completely independently of any country, government or central banking institution. It’s been designed as a peer-to-peer based payment system that doesn’t physically exist in the way that we’re used to, and there are no international laws regulating its use, so it’s up to individual countries and jurisdictions to decide what is and isn’t allowed.

Here at Zeply we proudly stand for a Bitcoin exchange UK residents can trust. Deposit funds using your debit or credit card directly into your Zeply fiat currency wallet and use them to buy Bitcoin, in real-time and with no purchase fees. If you are interested in the best crypto exchange UK, look no further.

Security Features

Online security is something that every Bitcoin exchange has to take into account. The very nature of cryptocurrency makes it highly attractive to hackers, so the top crypto exchanges go above and beyond to deter criminals and protect customer data and assets. But these days we all need to be vigilant when conducting business online, and that includes using strong and unique passwords, particularly where financial matters are concerned.

At Zeply we take security extremely seriously, and we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure customer data is protected. This extends to ensuring that customer accounts are secured with Two-Factor Authentication – rather than just using a username and password to verify identity, customers are required to complete a further entry point, either through use of a token or by verifying a code sent to their device. It’s just one of the ways in which we go that bit further to keep you and your digital assets safe.

We also conduct an identity check for all new customers, requiring us to verify documents and request a selfie, which can be done using either a computer or mobile. Customer verification is quick and easy and usually takes less than 24 hours, but it adds another level of security to your account with us, helping to keep your Bitcoin secure.

But that’s not all we offer. Our mission is to enable our customers to manage their own Bitcoin investments safely and securely, so we offer everyone who signs up a free Bitcoin wallet.

Unlike traditional fiat currencies, Bitcoin isn’t held by banks or other institutions – when you buy Bitcoin you’ll need to take control of where it’s kept, and an electronic wallet is safe, convenient and easy to use. It’s just one more way in which we give you ultimate control over your cryptocurrency investment.


User Interface

Some Bitcoin exchanges seem to be geared up exclusively for big businesses and high-level investors, making them seem complex and difficult to understand for Bitcoin beginners. Experienced Bitcoin traders, or those with a large cryptocurrency portfolio may be familiar with the technology – and the jargon – but it can all be very confusing for those with less experience. So at Zeply, we go out of our way to simplify things, making trading Bitcoin for beginners an absolute breeze!

Some Bitcoin brokers boast about the various features on their sites, without considering the overall user experience. Here at Zeply, we don’t want anyone to feel daunted or overwhelmed by the Bitcoin buying and trading process, so we’ve made our website easy and intuitive to navigate. Everything you need to buy, store, send and trade Bitcoin can be accessed with just a tap or a click, putting you firmly in control of your crypto assets.

Nowadays the majority of us like to use smartphones, in addition to PCs, laptops and tablets, to access the internet. So we’ve taken that into consideration too, creating what we think is the best Bitcoin app for budding traders and investors. It will let you buy Bitcoin in real-time – and with absolutely no purchase fees – store Bitcoin in your dedicated wallet and send or trade it whenever you like. It’s the perfect solution for anyone who likes to keep track of their assets on the go, letting you buy, sell or make a purchase with your Bitcoin whenever and wherever you happen to be.

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No matter how good your Bitcoin exchange, or how much you understand the background technology, we all need a little help from time to time. And one of the biggest complaints made about some of the major international Bitcoin exchanges is that calls for help go unanswered – sometimes for days.

We do things differently at Zeply. We understand that life has enough worries without Bitcoin exchange issues being another one of them. So we offer a range of ways to get in touch if you need any extra help. Fill in our onsite contact form or send us an email if you prefer. And if your need is more urgent you can get in contact with someone from our customer support team within just a couple of minutes, thanks to our Live Chat option, accessible from the lower right of any screen across our site. It’s just one of the things that we think makes us the best Bitcoin trading platform for individual investors and traders.

Our support team are on hand to offer help around the clock, so even if you’re experiencing difficulties in the small hours we’ll be able to help. We can’t tell you how to make money with Bitcoin but we’ll respond to any problems to get them sorted as swiftly as possible for you. We also offer loads of useful How To guides on our support page, so it’s worth having a read through them first, before contacting support, as your question may have already been answered.



Because Bitcoin operates outside usual banking protocols there are no standard fees. But as many unwary Bitcoin beginners have found, it’s possible to run up charges every time you move Bitcoin from one place to another. And those fees can be particularly high at times of greater activity on the blockchain, when higher numbers of people are buying and selling Bitcoin at the same time.

But Bitcoin fees are just one more thing that you don’t have to worry about with Zeply, as we don’t charge anything at all for buying, sending, receiving or exchanging Bitcoin. That makes it even easier to keep control of your assets, and all while giving you absolute peace of mind.

Are You Ready To Start Your Bitcoin Journey?

Here at Zeply, we aim to make buying and trading in Bitcoin as easy and intuitive as we possibly can. We’re entirely customer-focused, and we want all our customers to have an enjoyable and fuss-free online trading experience. Sign up today and find out for yourself what makes us one of the best Bitcoin exchanges for individual traders.

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Bitcoin Exchange FAQ

✔ How do you choose a Bitcoin exchange?

We take an in-depth look at the features new investors and Bitcoin beginners should look out for to find the best Bitcoin exchange. No transaction fees, instant transactions and 24/7 support are just some of the things on offer here.

❕ Which is the best Bitcoin exchange for beginners?

Some of the biggest and best-known Bitcoin exchanges have complicated interfaces and use complex terminology, which can faze anyone just dipping their toes into the cryptocurrency waters. Newbie investors should look for an exchange that offers 24/7 support, How To guides and instant, free transactions.

❓ Which is the best Bitcoin trading platform?

The best Bitcoin trading platform is one that meets your needs and your expectations. Smaller investors should look for a user-friendly interface, high levels of support and free transactions. Helpful How To articles and a dedicated wallet make it easy to manage your crypto assets no matter where you find yourself.

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