UK Crypto Exchange Finding the Best UK Crypto Exchanges

Search online to find a UK crypto exchange or Bitcoin exchange UK and you’ll quickly find yourself spoilt for choice. But although there are loads of options, that doesn’t mean they’ll all guarantee you the same sort of buying and trading experience.

Here at Zeply, we want everyone to be able to enjoy the benefits of buying, sending, storing and trading cryptocurrencies quickly, easily and safely. So we’ve put together a checklist of questions that will help you understand your cryptocurrency trading requirements. Once you’ve answered them all you’ll feel confident about signing up to the crypto exchange UK users like you are finding best fits their needs.

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Questions To Ask Before Choosing Your Uk Crypto Exchange

Before coming to a decision about the best UK crypto exchange for you, we suggest you run through the following questions, which will help to establish exactly what your needs are.


Why Are You Buying Into Cryptocurrency?

There are all sorts of reasons for wanting to buy into cryptocurrency, whether that’s a desire to move with the times or just simple FOMO. Perhaps you’re tired of fiat currencies and are looking for something a little different to invest in? Or you might just be wanting to find out what all the fuss is about when it comes to Bitcoin. Some people view crypto as a viable long-term investment, whereas others just want to dip their toes into the waters with new technology and own a little piece of the future for themselves.

But whatever your reasons, if you choose the best crypto exchange UK residents can access, you’re going to have a much better trading experience than if you get it wrong. An exchange aimed at big business investors isn’t going to have the needs and concerns of smaller investors in mind, for example, so heading for the bigger concerns isn’t the best option for individuals with a more modest portfolio.


Investing in cryptocurrency is a world away from traditional investment methods, and some people like to dig deeply into the workings of Bitcoin, in an attempt to understand how blockchain technology works. And for those who are interested, there’s plenty of information to be found about Bitcoin mining and the background of the first digital currency. But most people entering the market for the first time are more interested in whether or not they’ll make a profit from crypto trading.

Cryptocurrencies operate in incredibly volatile markets, so we can’t advise you as to whether or not you’ll make a profit on your investment. But at Zeply we can certainly help you to understand how to invest in Bitcoin, and we’re ready and waiting with everything you need to get started on your cryptocurrency journey.

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Do You Have A Good Basic Understanding Of Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies don’t operate in the same way that fiat currencies do, and that can take some time to understand. There’s nothing to hold in your hand in the form of coins or tokens, with every transaction automatically logged and locked into the blockchain. But although they don’t exist in the bricks-and-mortar world you can still use Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies, to make purchases. It’s taken a number of years for Bitcoin to become a mainstream currency, but now that organisations such as PayPal and Tesla have come on board, it’s only going to become more popular as a payment method.

The increasing popularity has seen a surge of interest in Bitcoin, with many users now quite familiar with the technology involved. But for those with less experience it can all seem rather daunting, so we at Zeply are ready and waiting to help. We’ve put together useful help files and how-to guides, so you’ll have all the information you need right at your fingertips. And that encourages you to make the most informed decisions when it comes to trading your crypto investments. You’ll find absolutely everything you need on our site, from advice on trading Bitcoin for beginners to using a crypto wallet to store your funds.


Are You Aware Of Potential Costs When Using Cryptocurrencies?

Moving cryptocurrencies from place to place can incur charges, which comes as quite a shock to some new investors. Not all crypto exchanges make it clear about the costs of moving crypto from place to place, and that’s led to some unpleasant surprises for unwary users. But we’re different at Zeply – it costs you nothing at all to purchase Bitcoin, and we’re completely transparent about our cryptocurrency transaction fees, so you know exactly how much transactions will cost from the outset.

Do You Understand How To Store Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies operate in a very different way from fiat currencies, and that includes the way they’re stored. With no bank involvement this means that you’ll need to take charge of your crypto assets yourself, and store them safely in digital format. There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing an electronic wallet, most of them boasting features that the average user is unlikely to need, use or understand.

But you don’t need to get lost in a maze of jargon and complex downloads.  Here at Zeply, we’ve even simplified your cryptocurrency storage problems too, providing all of our customers with a safe and secure personal Bitcoin wallet. It’s one less thing for you to worry about, and you can keep a close watch on your Bitcoin transactions whenever you choose, quickly and easily.

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How Tech-savvy Are You?

It may be relatively easy to find a crypto broker UK residents can use to buy, send and exchange digital currencies, but it’s not nearly so easy to find one that’s accessible to everyone, regardless of technical ability. Crypto exchanges seem to assume a high degree of knowledge on the part of their customers, and that can be daunting for anyone dipping their toes into the crypto pool for the very first time.

At Zeply we do things a little differently. We won’t blind you with unfamiliar terminology and incomprehensible menus. Instead, we offer simple, helpful advice and support to guide you through the process, which we’ve streamlined to make it as simple as possible. We’ve also been working on what we believe to be the best crypto app in the UK, allowing you to manage your cryptocurrency portfolio from your mobile, at any time of the day or night.

Are You Looking For An Easy, Safe Way To Buy Bitcoin?

Signing up to a UK crypto exchange can be a lengthy and exhausting process, often requiring you to jump through digital hoops before you can start trading. But here at Zeply, we have a much simpler approach. We believe that Bitcoin should be available to everyone, regardless of technical skill or investment experience, and a Bitcoin exchange should reflect that.

Signing up is easy, and 4 simple steps is all it takes to start buying, storing, sending and trading in the world’s favourite cryptocurrencies.

Simply sign up with Zeply, give us a few details so that we can confirm your identity and once that’s been verified you’re ready to make your first purchase. Just add your credit or debit card to your Zeply account and decide how much crypto you’d like to buy. Your transaction will take place instantly, in real-time, and with no hidden costs, so you’re always in complete control.


Are You Ready To Start Trading At A Uk Crypto Exchange?

Trading in cryptocurrency for the first time can seem daunting, but, with the best crypto exchange, it really doesn’t need to be. Here at Zeply, we aim to be the best crypto exchange UK residents can access, so we tore up the rule book and created our own, simplified way of doing things. We take the mystery out of buying Bitcoin, helping you store your crypto safely and with 24/7 support so we’re always right there whenever you need us.

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UK Crypto Exchange FAQ

❓ Where can I buy crypto in the UK?

Although there are plenty of options for UK crypto exchanges where you can buy and trade digital currencies, you need to choose the right one for your needs. Answer our simple questions to pin down the right crypto exchange for you

❓ Which is the best UK crypto exchange?

There are lots of cryptocurrency exchanges that operate within the UK, but that doesn’t make them all equal. From a helpful guide to trading Bitcoin for beginners to a simple-to-use and completely free Bitcoin wallet for every customer, we’ve got everything you need to get started with buying, sending and trading in cryptocurrencies

❓ Which is the most trustworthy UK crypto exchange?

Your UK crypto exchange needs to offer easy, fast and secure cryptocurrency transactions with plenty of help and support there when you need it. Read our guide to cryptocurrency trading to get off to a flying start

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