How to Buy Cryptocurrency in the UK Best place to buy crypto in the UK today

Cryptocurrencies have managed to grasp the trading world by storm and as part of our comprehensive service here at Zeply, we have put together this page detailing how to buy cryptocurrency UK. Everything you’ll need is right here.

If you are wondering, “How do I buy cryptocurrency UK?”, you will most likely be looking for a guide to get you started. To take advantage of any offer, you will first need to run through the details of exactly how to complete transactions before you can sign up for a service. Fortunately, you won’t have to venture too far for the best place to buy cryptocurrency.

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Trading Bitcoin with Zeply

What are cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are digital assets that are traded much like traditional currency and foreign exchange. The concept of a cryptocurrency has been around for decades but the concept only managed to gain some serious momentum when Bitcoin was created in 2008. Satoshi Nakomoto, a pseudonym for the body responsible for Bitcoin’s creation, proposed the white paper for Bitcoin’s framework in 2008 and it was released to be traded by the public in 2009. Now, you can trade a wide range of cryptocurrencies including ETH, LTC, ADA, and XRP.

The concept was simple, to allow customers ownership of a certain amount of Bitcoin in exchange for their traditional currency. The cryptocurrency itself would be kept in a virtual ‘bank’ called a crypto wallet. This wallet serves as your user account and your personal details were not needed at all, allowing a high degree of privacy with your transactions. Nowadays, financial regulations have been put in place so cryptocurrencies are not exploited for illegal funds so you will need to provide some personal information when opening a wallet. At Zeply, we require the bare minimum from our customers, and, while there are other platforms where you can buy Bitcoin without ID, they are not as safe as Zeply and you will find the process to buy and sell cryptocurrency UK easier here than anywhere else.

Crypto transactions are also displayed publicly for anyone to view, these transactions are displayed using the two relevant account’s public keys and the amount that was exchanged. Transactions are also validated by a network of crypto owners who all compete to obtain the transaction fee as a reward for their computing efforts. These crypto owners are called miners and are crucial to the functionality of each cryptocurrency. If you are looking to buy Bitcoin UK and other cryptocurrencies, you will need to familiarise yourself with the entire industry to further inform your trading opinions.

If you were asking yourself, “is Bitcoin safe” or “is Bitcoin legal,” this is the moment to learn.

How to buy cryptocurrency Purchase Crypto Easily Today

Regulations in the UK

Regulations to buy cryptocurrency UK have been in place since 2018 when the UK Cryptoassets Taskforce released their final report on UK policies. The report quantified three categories of cryptocurrency, they include: exchange tokens, security tokens and utility tokens. For the most part, we are interested in the exchange tokens which would include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc. So far, crypto assets are not considered to be money by the Bank of England, although this is expected to change over time.  There are regulations in place as part of the Financial Services Markets Act of 2000 which aim to minimise money laundering and these also apply to crypto traders.

There are regulations in place for sales of cryptocurrencies which are applicable to some reader’s crypto trading portfolios and it is always recommended that you seek legal advice if you are unsure about your standpoint with the law. There are no tax rules applicable to cryptocurrencies at the moment but you may be subject to Capital Gains Tax or Income Tax when you sell Bitcoin UK and other cryptocurrencies if your circumstances are applicable. There are no tax laws or regulations placed on crypto mining and this is expected to remain for the foreseeable future. Online financial operators providing their service in the UK also need to be licensed and regulated by the necessary commissions, luckily, Zeply has a comprehensive license from the Estonian Financial Intelligence unit and you will be able to buy cryptocurrency UK within our service.

Using Zeply to buy Bitcoin in the UK

Once you have figured out how to buy cryptocurrency in the UK, the first service you will be on the lookout for is a reputable trading platform. This trading platform will serve as your home base when you are transacting and it is important to make the right choice of service provider. The best way to buy cryptocurrency UK is right here within our service. We offer one of the most comprehensive services out there and you won’t be disappointed when you are trading on the platform.

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Why Zeply?

Using Zeply to buy Bitcoin in the UK

If you want to know how to get Bitcoins in the UK, the answer is Zeply. Our trading platform will serve as your home base when you are transacting and it is important to make the right choice of service provider. The best way to buy cryptocurrency UK is right here within our service. We offer one of the most comprehensive services out there and you won’t be disappointed when you are trading on the platform.

Easy to use platform

Our designers have put together our trading platform in such a way that anyone can use the app in the UK to buy cryptocurrency. This platform is available to all customers and you won’t have to pay any additional fees to get all the features that are on offer. The platform is also optimised for the mobile experience and you will also be able to take advantage of the easiest way to buy Bitcoin. Our trading platform offers price charts of the relevant crypto markets as well as a live chat feature on the dashboard.

24/7 customer service

If you have opened an account with us, you will receive access to our world-class customer service offer. This is a crucial aspect to consider when deciding where to buy cryptocurrency UK. You may have some queries or issues with the service and it is important to have these resolved as quickly as possible to ensure that you don’t miss the perfect opportunity to make a transaction. Our team is on standby day and night and you can use our live chat feature to have your response attended to instantly.

Instant trades and payments

With Zeply, you will be able to complete your cryptocurrency transactions instantaneously. Depending on what payment method you have chosen, you will also be able to credit your account with either GBP, USD or EUR. Once your account has been credited, you can buy cryptocurrency UK instantly by simply selecting the amount of units you would like to purchase.

How to sign up with Zeply

To get started with Zeply, you will simply need to visit our homepage. From there, you will be greeted with a large ‘Sign Up’ button. Click this to get the process underway. Due to some of the new financial regulations in place, you will need to share some basic personal details before you can buy cryptocurrency UK. These are encrypted and protected within our database and you can read through our privacy policy if you have any concerns.

Thereafter, your email address will have to be verified by opening an email that is sent to you once you have registered. It is recommended that you then take another look through this page to have a solid understanding of how to buy cryptocurrency UK. It is then time to select your preferred payment method and get your crypto trading career underway. This process is easier than ever before and you will be able to submit your card details with no hassle at all. With your currency loaded, you can start trading for the crypto units you are interested in. Be sure to do all the necessary research before committing to buy crypto UK.


Tips to start trading

Now that you are well aware of how to buy and sell cryptocurrency UK, we would like to offer some tips to make your entire trading experience as smooth as possible. As always, these tips will not guarantee you success but it may provide you with the crucial information you need to make those clutch trades. Furthermore, you can learn more about the most popular cryptocurrency by reading our Bitcoin review.

Set price alerts

Crypto markets tend to be volatile and it is up to you to set limits on the value of the cryptocurrency that you have invested in. Once you have bought cryptocurrency UK, the price will have probably changed by the time you have refreshed the page. Keep an eye on the price and stay disciplined to your limits. Also, decide when would be the target price to sell Bitcoin or the other digital currencies in your portfolio.

Double check processing times

When you have signed up for an online service, be sure to check how long the processing time is before you decide to deposit your money. There are some services out there that take a couple of days to credit your funds to your account. Fortunately, here at Zeply, you will be able to take advantage of some of the fastest processing times in the industry and you will find minimal delay when you want to buy cryptocurrency UK. We also offer instantaneous transaction times, so no waiting around for your trades to be completed.

Time your trades

With such a volatile market, it is important to keep up to date with both the developments and the price of the crypto markets. Here at Zeply, we have put together both a ‘News’ and ‘Learn’ portal that is available to anyone that is interested. You will find the latest happenings in the industry and be able to learn exactly when you should be looking to buy some crypto units. This information will help you along your career but it is always important to remember that anything can happen and sometimes markets can go against the grain of information.

In addition to the tips mentioned above, if you want to go deeper into how to make money with Bitcoin, we have you covered.

Buying cryptocurrency has never been easier

A simple way to buy crypto in the UK

By now, you should have a comprehensive understanding of how to buy cryptocurrency UK. You will also understand exactly what a cryptocurrency is and why it has managed to gain such value over the past decade. Be sure to double-check you are within regulations in the UK and make use of our world-class service along with our tips to maximise your chances of making some gains with crypto trading.

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How To Buy Cryptocurrency UK FAQ

🎯 Where can I find out how to buy cryptocurrency UK?

If you are looking to figure out exactly how to buy cryptocurrency UK, then look no further. Our team here at Zeply have put together comprehensive articles to guide you along your way through the crypto trading scene. This includes a step-by-step description of exactly what you will need to do to get going. Be sure to head to our page to find out more about the process.

🤔 What do I need to buy cryptocurrency UK?

Knowing how you can begin your crypto trading career is crucial. You may find that you have signed up for a service and require a number of documents to validate your account before you can begin trading. Our articles here at Zeply aim to bring you all the information you will need to get trading cryptocurrencies.

🗺️ Where can I buy cryptocurrency UK?

Once you know how to buy cryptocurrency UK, you will need to find a reputable online service provider to sign up with before you can begin trading crypto units. Luckily, you won’t have to search very far to find your ideal match. Here at Zeply, we offer one of the most comprehensive services on the market and you can make use of our articles to get a head start within the industry.

🏅 What is the best site to buy cryptocurrency UK?

Every trader out there will always be on the hunt for the best site to complete their crypto transactions. This will usually depend on your specific needs as a trader and our articles here at Zeply detail exactly what you should be looking out for. There are certain factors within an online service that are unmissable and will make your entire crypto trading experience a whole lot easier. Head to our page for more details.

💼 Is trading crypto legal in the UK?

Whenever you are transacting with real money, it is important to ensure that you are on  the right side of the law. Our articles take a look at the regulations and legal terms behind the crypto scene and offer advice to all readers out there. It is important to remember that your trading circumstances will differ significantly from other readers and if you are in doubt, always seek legal advice before committing too much of your funds.

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