Crypto Wallet Guide Best Crypto Wallets For 2023

Safe and convenient storage is crucial for anyone that want to buy cryptocurrency. A crypto wallet allows you to send and receive funds, check your balance and protect your cryptocurrency investment.

Zeply offers a robust two-factor authentication system to add an extra layer of security to your account and ensure that your crypto is protected at all times. This guide explains how to make the most of your secure, convenient crypto wallet at Zeply.

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What is a Crypto Wallet?

You cannot hold crypto unless you have a wallet to store it in. A crypto wallet is similar to a bank account, as it allows you to check your balance, and send and receive funds. There are various crypto wallet categories – web wallets, hardware wallets, software wallets, paper wallets and full node wallets – and they each have different strengths and weaknesses.

We analysed the key strengths of the various cryptocurrency wallets and created an in-built Zeply crypto wallet that offers the best of all worlds. Our crypto wallet blends the speed, convenience, versatility and user-friendliness of the best software wallets with the robust security of the leading hardware wallets.

You can use your Zeply wallet like a traditional wallet – quickly pay for goods and services, make simple deposits and manage your funds in one convenient place. While, currently, we offer a Bitcoin wallet, our wallet will soon be able to store other cryptocurrencies.

It can be time-consuming and fiddly to send crypto from an exchange account to an external wallet. If you enter the incorrect address, you can lose your crypto. Due to how does cryptocurrency work, you have to pay network fees, known as gas fees, which can be pretty steep with blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum, and then you have to go through the whole rigmarole in reverse when you want to sell your digital assets at the crypto exchange.

Zeply removes all of that hassle. Simply buy crypto quickly and easily, use your exchange wallet to make transactions and receive funds, and then exchange your crypto for GBP or another fiat currency at any time. We offer swift, secure withdrawals too, so Zeply really does offer the best crypto app and wallet on the market – and, while other may charge you high cryptocurrency transaction fees, with Zeply, there are no fees whatsoever.

Key Attributes of a Crypto Wallet

There are a number of important attributes that you should look for in a crypto wallet:


This should always be your primary concern when seeking the best cryptocurrency wallet. Hackers and scam artists are constantly on the hunt for targets within the cryptocurrency space. Many wallets have been compromised over the years, and investors have suffered. Zeply has never suffered a security breach, because we go well beyond the industry norms in order to protect our customers’ accounts. We put security at the heart of our business, and you can read more about our robust security features further down this best crypto wallet guide.


Anyone with a Zeply wallet will benefit from an extremely convenient service. You can log into your account from any device, whether you are at home, on holiday or travelling to work. Our crypto wallet makes it easy for you to send and receive funds and check your balance. You never have to worry about losing or damaging a physical wallet, and you do not have to worry about what will happen to your software wallet if your mobile is stolen or your desktop crashes.

User Experience

Our crypto wallet is extremely easy to use. Everything is laid out in a clear, orderly and uncluttered fashion. This saves you time. Some of the best crypto wallet options for security offer a very lacklustre user experience. The Zeply wallet stands out, because it blends solid security with a high-quality user experience, whenever you trade cryptocurrency.


Some crypto wallets will only work on certain devices or operating systems, which can make life difficult for users. The Zeply wallet is compatible with all modern operating systems and it will be optimised for your device. It offers versatility and reliability, and it facilitates quick transactions, so our customers find it to be the best crypto wallet available.

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Security Features at Zeply

As any Zeply review would tell you, we take security very seriously. We are determined to keep your funds and personal details safe at all times, so we use the strongest SSL encryption software available and provide robust security features.

One example is our two-factor authentication (2FA) system. This means you can only access your account after successfully passing security at two different entry points. This adds a crucial extra layer of security designed to keep out any predators.

Standard online practice is to have a single authentication feature. This generally involves entering your username and password when signing into an account. The problem with this approach is that there is just one gateway between your account and anyone that wants to access it.

That might not be such a big deal on some sites, but when it comes to protecting your funds, you should always demand 2FA. This is an important part of the Zeply security framework.

We believe that there is no room for half-baked security measures. Password-only access depends largely on the strength of the password used. Adding an extra layer of security ensures that our users and their accounts are always protected. It essentially requires you to enter a correct password, and then follow a secondary process to prove that you are the rightful owner of the crypto wallet.

When you log into your Zeply account for the first time, you can choose to enable 2FA. You will not be able to buy crypto until you do so. You can enable 2FA via SMS, which requires entering a code sent to your mobile when signing in, but we recommend an authenticator app for added security.

Download an authenticator app of your choice and scan the QR code. Enter the six-digit code generated by the authenticator app, and your account will be secured. Zeply gives you the freedom to manage your crypto funds from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day. Simplicity and ease of use are our calling cards, but so is safety.

Also, we know that an essential part of your digital security is learning about the tools you are using and the assets you are acquiring. That is why we keep you updated with the current crypto news and crypto charts and provide you with guides like this one. We have even prepared guides for more technical terms like “crypto mining” and “crypto halving.”

How to Buy Crypto for Your Zeply Wallet

You can buy coins for your crypto wallet quickly and easily at Zeply. Once you have registered and set up 2FA, just follow these simple steps to find your crypto wallet:

  • Click “BUY” on the dashboard.
  • A window will appear in the centre of the screen, informing you of the cryptocurrencies available to buy and the current exchange rate,
  • Enter the amount you wish to spend in GBP or another fiat currency, and choose the cryptocurrency you would like to buy.
  • You will be informed of the amount you will receive. Click “Buy BTC” or the equivalent for another cryptocurrency.
  • A new window confirms the transaction details. Click “Proceed”.
  • Enter your payment details and click “Pay now”.
  • You will receive an instant message to tell you that you are now the proud owner of your chosen cryptocurrency, which will appear in your wallet.

Keep in mind that you can buy crypto with credit card, and we are working to let you buy crypto with PayPal.

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Using Your Crypto Wallet at Zeply

We provide our customers with the best crypto wallet for convenience and usability. It is quick, simple and painless to send and receive money using our crypto wallet.

You can click “SEND” on the dashboard to move funds to another wallet. You will see the live rate of Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. The first box allows you to enter the destination address. You can then enter the amount you wish to send, either in crypto or in GBP.

Our crypto wallet informs you of the network fees, and you will see the amount you are sending displayed in both GBP and your chosen cryptocurrency. Click to accept the terms of service and then click “Send”. It’s as simple as that.

You can click on “RECEIVE” to generate a wallet address. Anyone can then use that address to send funds to your Zeply crypto account. Click on “EXCHANGE” to swap one cryptocurrency for another, or to exchange your crypto for GBP. You will receive live exchange rates, and transactions are completed instantly, with no commission fees charged.

You can click “WITHDRAW” and follow the simple steps if you want to transfer the fiat currency to your bank account. You will see all of your exchange activity listed in the “ACTIVITIES” section, which is similar to a bank statement. You can access live chat support from Zeply at any time if you need assistance with managing your wallet.



Safety Tips for Crypto Wallet Holders

We work hard to ensure that our customers are protected at all times, but you still need to follow basic security procedures. These are our top tips to protect your wallet:

  • Choose a strong password. This is crucial to ensuring safety at any site. Do not use the same password on multiple sites, as your account could be compromised on one of them. Never write down your password – memorise it.
  • Use a private computer or device when logging into your Zeply account. Beware anyone looking over your shoulder if you are out in public.
  • Use high-quality, up-to-date antivirus software on your desktop.
  • Never access unknown or suspicious links, and do not download software from a site you do not trust.
  • Never give your private password information to anyone, no matter how trustworthy they may seem.

Keeping Your Crypto Safe at Zeply

This guide has explained why Zeply offers the best crypto wallet on the market. It is very easy and convenient to use, and packed full of useful features and analytical tools. Transactions are simple, and you can exchange crypto quickly and efficiently at any time. Zeply allows you to buy crypto without worrying about onerous transaction fees.

You can store it in your Zeply crypto wallet, which cuts out the need for network fees involved in transferring to an external crypto wallet, such as a Bitcoin hardware wallet. Our wallet acts as a crypto vault, keeping your funds safe at all times. You can withdraw quickly if you want to transfer money to your bank account, and benefit from helpful customer service at any time.

Finally, if you live in the UK, we invite you to read our guide about Bitcoin wallet UK.

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Best Crypto Wallet FAQ

❓What is the best crypto wallet?

Zeply offers the best crypto wallet on the market due to our robust security measures, user-friendly dashboard and convenient features. You can sign into your account from any device, anywhere in the world, and our two-factor authentication system adds a crucial layer of security, helping you to keep your funds safe at all times.

📝What is the purpose of a crypto wallet?

You need a crypto wallet in order to store cryptocurrencies. You cannot buy, sell, hold or trade crypto without one. It allows you to check your balance, manage your account, send funds and receive funds, all in one place, so it is similar to a traditional bank account, but focused on digital assets.

💰Should I use a crypto wallet?

If you want to get into the wonderful world of buying and selling crypto, you will need a wallet. A high-quality wallet protects your funds, makes it easy to conduct transactions and allows you to manage your account with minimal fuss. Zeply aims to provide the best crypto wallet on the market, by blending convenience and usability with strong security features.

🚀What is the best cryptocurrency to invest in?

The best cryptocurrency to invest in really depends on what you intend to use it for. Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency by a considerable margin, but there are many altcoins to choose from. That includes stablecoins, centralised coins and native tokens on all manner of exciting blockchains, and you should research a particular cryptocurrency extensively before investing in it.

💻How do I cash out crypto?

You can simply click “EXCHANGE” on the dashboard of your Zeply crypto wallet, and then choose to swap your crypto for a fiat currency like GBP. When that is complete, click “WITHDRAW” on the dashboard and enter the details of the bank account you wish to send your cash to. Cashing out crypto is that simple at Zeply.

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