Bitcoin Wallet Guide Set up the Best Bitcoin Wallet Guide For 2023

Our Bitcoin wallet provides a secure option for anyone that wants to hold the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. It allows you to send funds, receive payments and check your balance in a safe and convenient fashion.

This guide explains the benefits of a strong Bitcoin wallet, how to set one up at Zeply and how to get the most out of it. We will explain how to send and receive funds, and how to exchange Bitcoin for another currency, while providing our top security tips.

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What is a Bitcoin Wallet?

You need a Bitcoin wallet if you plan to buy and hold the world’s largest cryptocurrency. Bitcoin was created back in 2009 to provide users with a decentralised online payment system. Its popularity has soared in the ensuing years, thanks to celebrity endorsements, institutional investment and technological advances.

Many people now want to buy Bitcoin, but first you need a Bitcoin wallet. It is similar to a traditional bank account, as you can use it to check your balance, send transfers, receive funds and make withdrawals. You can therefore think of it as your Bitcoin account.

Your Bitcoin wallet will provide you with an address, which anyone can use to send you money. You can also use a Zeply Bitcoin wallet to exchange Bitcoin for another cryptocurrency or a fiat currency like GBP.

You have many different options when searching for the best Bitcoin wallet, including Bitcoin hardware wallets, other web-based wallets, software wallets, paper wallets and full-node wallets. We offer the best Bitcoin wallet, because it blends the key strengths of each of those options.

Benefits of a Strong Bitcoin Wallet

There are several key features that you should demand from your Bitcoin wallet:


Keeping your funds safe should be a primary concern when searching for the best Bitcoin wallet on the market. Bitcoin has spiked dramatically in value over the past decade, and that has brought it to the attention of an army of hackers, phishing attackers and other scam artists. Many wallets have been hacked and compromised over the years, so it is imperative that you opt for a safe wallet that will keep determined attackers at bay. Zeply has a spotless security record, and you can learn more about our prevention measures further down this best Bitcoin wallet guide.


The best Bitcoin wallets are easy to use. That means it should be quick and simple to send and receive funds. The design should be neat, clear and tidy, and you should benefit from a number of helpful features that save you time. Sending Bitcoin to the wrong wallet address can be extremely costly, so you need a wallet that makes the process of sending funds as clear and simple as possible. Our Bitcoin wallet follows a clean design and provides clear instructions at all times.


Some Bitcoin wallets are extremely inconvenient. For example, paper wallets can be lost or damaged, while software wallets can vanish if your computer crashes. Our Bitcoin wallet is very convenient, as you can simply log into your Bitcoin account from any device, anywhere in the world, and send or receive BTC with ease. Just remember to follow the security tips offered towards the end of this best Bitcoin wallet guide.


You can benefit from high-quality customer service at all times if you set up an online Bitcoin wallet at Zeply. That is certainly not the case at some Bitcoin wallet providers, which only offer email support and can often be very slow to respond to customer service requests. Our live chat customer support executives are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable, and they can quickly assist you with any Bitcoin wallet requests you may have.

Security Features at Zeply

Security is paramount when setting up any crypto wallet. You need to take measures to protect your Bitcoin account from hackers, and Zeply can help. We use the latest encryption software to keep your personal details and funds secure at all times, and we also provide two-factor authentication in order to add an extra layer of security.

2FA requires you to prove your identity at two separate entry points before you can access your account. This is a vital weapon in your arsenal when protecting your Bitcoins wallet from hackers.

Most sites only require single-factor authentication. This simply involves entering a username and password when signing in. Many people choose a weak password, which is widely used across a variety of sites, and they save passwords on their browsers, so it is pretty insecure.

2FA brings another dimension to the sign-in process. You will have to enter your username and password – make sure you choose a strong password, which is unique to Zeply and not used elsewhere – but then you will have to prove you are the rightful Bitcoin wallet owner at a second entry point too.

You can set up 2FA as soon as you log into your Zeply Bitcoin account for the first time. You can either enable 2FA via SMS or via an authenticator app. If you choose SMS, you will have to enter a code sent to your phone as a text message when signing into your Bitcoin account.

That certainly makes it a lot more secure, but we would recommend an authenticator app for even more robust security. Simply download an authenticator app of your choice, and scan the QR code provided by Zeply. Then enter the six-digit code generated by the authenticator app, and your Bitcoin account will be secured. You will then use this authenticator app to verify your identity during the sign-in process, which protects you from danger.

How to Set Up a Zeply Bitcoin Wallet

Zeply will automatically set you up with a Bitcoin wallet once you register for an account with Zeply and complete the KYC (know your customer) process.

Click on the “Sign Up” button at the top of the homepage, enter your name and email address, and choose a password. We will send a link to your email address, which you must click to verify it. We follow the same process with your phone number. This is designed to maintain solid security.

The KYC process requires you to provide a copy of an identity document, such as a passport or driving licence, together with a selfie. It is quick and simple, and we can provide support if anything is unclear.

When you have completed the KYC procedure and enabled 2FA, it is time to buy some Bitcoin. Click “BUY” on the dashboard, and you will trigger a new page that shows you the current live exchange rate between Bitcoin and GBP.

Type in the amount you would like to spend, and our smart tool will instantly tell you the amount you will receive in BTC for the transaction. Click “Buy BTC”, enter your payment details and confirm the transaction by clicking “Pay Now”.

You are now the proud owner of Bitcoin. There is no need to search online for “create Bitcoin wallet” or “download bit coin wallet”, or go through the rigmarole of buying a hardware wallet. Your BTC will be sent direct to your Zeply Bitcoin account, and you can check your balance at any time.

Just to be clear, you do not need to buy an entire Bitcoin. The price has shot up over the past decade, so it requires a considerable investment to purchase 1 BTC. You can buy fractions of a Bitcoin. The smallest unit is a Satoshi, named after the founder of Bitcoin, which is equivalent to a one hundred millionth of a single Bitcoin (0.00000001 BTC).


Using Your Zeply Bitcoin Wallet at Zeply

Once you have funded your Bitcoin wallet, you can use it to make transactions. Click “SEND” on your Zeply dashboard if you would like to transfer funds from your BTC wallet to an external wallet.

You can use Bitcoin to buy a huge range of goods and services online, from fine wine and fast food to property and flights. You must request a Bitcoin address if you plan to send BTC.

Enter the destination address and the amount you wish to send, either in BTC or GBP (our smart tool instantly converts it for you). Click to confirm that you accept our terms of service and then hit “Send”. The BTC will arrive quickly in the wallet you have sent it to.

You can also receive Bitcoin by clicking “RECEIVE” on the dashboard. We will generate a wallet address, which you can send to anyone that wants to transfer BTC to you. Click on “EXCHANGE” on the dashboard to exchange your BTC for another cryptocurrency or sell your Bitcoin by exchanging it for a fiat currency like GBP.

As always, we will provide you with live exchange rates, and transactions at Zeply are instant, commission-free and fully secure. You can click on “WITHDRAW” at any time to transfer funds to your bank account. Our live chat customer support team will be happy to clarify anything regarding your Bitcoin wallet, but you should find it quick, convenient and easy to use.

How to Protect Your Zeply Bitcoin Wallet

Follow Zeply’s top tips for protecting your Bitcoin wallet to ensure that your funds remain safe at all times:

  • Select a strong password featuring a blend of capital letters, lower-case letters, numbers and special characters. Make sure it is not a password that you have used elsewhere. It is advisable to remember your password rather than writing it down or saving it in your keychain. Do not give this password information to anyone, and never email it to yourself.
  • Choose an authenticator app for your two-factor authentication. It is even more secure than using SMS, and it ensures that only you can access your account and your funds.
  • Always use a private computer when signing into your Zeply account. Do not use a public computer, and always check to make sure nobody is looking at your mobile screen if you use it to log in while out and about,
  • Keep your computer’s antivirus software up-to-date and never download anything from an unknown site.
  • Carefully check you have entered the right address before sending Bitcoin from your wallet.

Conclusion - Setting Up Your Zeply Account

You now know how to get a Bitcoin wallet. Simply sign up for an account with Zeply and we will do the rest. Follow the security tips listed above and your Bitcoin account will be protected. You will not have to worry about an external Bitcoin wallet download or searching for the best android Bitcoin wallet, as we handle everything for you on our site. Your Zeply Bitcoin wallet is easy to use, convenient, versatile and secure.

Also, if you live in the UK, we invite you to read our guide about Bitcoin wallet UK.

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Bitcoin Wallet FAQ

💰 Which is the best Bitcoin wallet?

A Zeply Bitcoin wallet offers robust security, ease of use, convenience, compatibility and versatility. It is a great place to store your Bitcoin, and you can rapidly send BTC from your Zeply Bitcoin account to an external wallet, or exchange it without paying a commission.

🚪 How do I open a Bitcoin wallet?

We will set you up with a Bitcoin wallet when you sign up for an account with Zeply. You can enable two-factor authentication to keep your wallet secure, and you can then buy Bitcoin, send it, receive it, exchange it and withdraw it, all in one place. Our customer service team can help you with any stage of the process via live chat.

💳 How do you use a Bitcoin wallet?

A Bitcoin wallet allows you to store BTC until you decide to spend it or exchange it. If you wish to send funds to an individual or a company, they can provide you with a destination address. Click “Send”, enter the destination address, choose the amount you would like to send and confirm the transaction.

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