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How to Order and Activate Your Virtual Zeply Card

Modified on: 2nd February 2024

Zeply is bringing you the convenience of spending your crypto directly without needing to sell it first. With our crypto debit cards, you can transact in millions of shops worldwide, receive salaries in cryptocurrencies, and exchange crypto for Euros. Follow this guide to order and activate your virtual Zeply card:

Ordering Virtual Card:

  1. Open the Zeply app and click on the “Zeply cards” banner.
  2. Once you click on the banner, you will see a “Get Card” button.
  3. Select “Virtual debit card” from “Select type” screen.
  4. After selecting the card, you will be redirected to the “Fees & Charges” section, then press the “Get Virtual card” at the bottom of the page.
  5. Be sure to read and accept the “Terms & Conditions” on the following page.
  6. Generate a 3DS password. This password will be used for online purchases when 3D Secure challenges are required.
  7. Select your preferred currency wallet for funding your Zeply Card purchases.
  8. Confirm and make the payment for your order.
  9. Congratulations! Your card is created and now ready for use!

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