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Receiving Cryptocurrency on the Zeply App: A Step-by-Step Guide

The Zeply App empowers you to effortlessly receive cryptocurrency, providing you with the flexibility and control you need in the world of digital assets. Whether you’re expecting a payment or simply want to acquire more crypto, we’re here to guide you through the process of receiving cryptocurrency on the Zeply App.

1. Quick Access with the Lightning Button

To begin, tap on the lightning button on the Zeply App interface for quick access to cryptocurrency-receiving options. Alternatively, you can head to the “Market” section for additional choices.

2. Select ‘Receive’

Within the lightning button or the “Market” section, choose the ‘Receive’ option.

3. Select the Cryptocurrency 

Always make sure to select the correct cryptocurrency to prevent any loss of funds from incorrect networks. 

4. Review Your Receiving Details

Upon selecting your preferred cryptocurrency, you’ll see essential information:

  • Exchange Network: Ensure that you use this network to exchange and monitor your transactions.
  • Barcode: A scannable barcode simplifies the receiving process.
  • Share Address Button: Share your wallet address conveniently with others.
  • Wallet Address URL + Copy Button: Your wallet address URL is available for easy sharing. You can also copy your address with a simple tap.
  • Back to Dashboard Button: Return to your Zeply App dashboard effortlessly.

5. Secure and Transparent Transactions

Zeply places a strong emphasis on the security and transparency of your transactions. Rest assured, your crypto reception is safeguarded, and you can proceed confidently.

6. Successful Reception

Congratulations! You’ve successfully received cryptocurrency in your Zeply wallet. Your digital assets are now ready for you to use or manage as you see fit.

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