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What Can I Do on My Dashboard?

Your dashboard is a shortcut to many useful tools found on your Zeply account. 


If you have not activated your 2 Factor Authentication yet, your dashboard will look like the image below. Simply click on Activate Now to enable your 2 Factor Authentication.




Once your 2 Factor Authentication is enabled, your dashboard should look like this.


If your KYC verification still needs to be completed, you are able to start the process below.

You are also able to view the total balance of your main currency (which is visible on all tabs) and your additional wallets.


By accessing the Affiliates tab you will be able to join our affiliate’s program and start to earn more by referring your friends. 

The last, however, not least feature is the Notifications and Settings shortcut. By clicking either of these icons, you will be directed to the Notifications tab which allows you to view important updates, or to the Settings tab where you can perform multiple actions for your Zeply account.




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