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Why am I Unable to Deposit via Wire Transfer? (EEA Users)

Have you attempted to deposit via Wire Transfer and encountered an error or were not able to find the option for this payment method?

If so, there are a few possibilities that you may need to adjust. Check if:

  • Your account’s base currency is in EUR


To be able to purchase Bitcoin via Wire Transfer, your account’s base currency must be in Euro.  If your account’s main currency is not Euro, you will not be able to see Wire Transfer as an available method. 


Your account’s main currency may be easily changed at any time by following the below guide:

Changing the Main Currency on your Account – Click here.


  • You are attempting to purchase a minimum of €£100

The minimum amount required for buying Bitcoin via Wire Transfer is €£100


If the above requirements have been met and you are still unable to deposit, please contact our Support team for further guidance.


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