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Why am I Unable to Withdraw via Wire Transfer?

Have you attempted to withdraw via Wire Transfer and encountered an error?

If so, there are a few possibilities which may cause an error. Check if:

  • Your funds are available in your Euro or Great British Pound wallet.

Wire Transfers withdrawals can only be made from your EUR or GBP wallet. If your funds are in a different currency wallet such as USD, you will first need to exchange them to your BTC wallet. Once the funds have been converted to BTC, you may exchange them to EUR or GBP.

If the funds are in your BTC wallet, you may simply exchange them to EUR or GBP and proceed with your withdrawal.

  • You are attempting to withdraw a minimum of €£100.

The minimum amount required for withdrawing via Wire Transfer is €£100A €£5 fee is also applicable for the withdrawal.

  • You have entered your bank’s details correctly.

Without the correct bank details, we will be unable to withdraw your funds to your bank account.

If the above requirements have been made and you are still unable to withdraw, please contact our Support team for further guidance.

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