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Withdrawing via Wire Transfer

Our withdrawal method, Wire Transfer, provides you with the convenience of withdrawing your funds directly to your bank account.

Kindly note that funds may only be withdrawn from your EUR or GBP wallet, depending on your country. If your funds are in a different currency wallet, you will need to exchange them to Bitcoin, then to Euro or Great British Pound.

Our Step-by-Step Guide on How to Exchange your Funds between Wallets can be found by clicking here. 

To make use of this method, you will need to:

  • Click on the “Withdraw” tab.
  • Select the EUR/GBP wallet to withdraw your funds.
  • Enter the amount you would like to withdraw. (The minimum amount required is €£100).
  • Choose the withdrawal method (SWIFT Wire Transfer or SEPA Bank Transfer).
  • Select one of your approved bank accounts from the drop-down menu.

In case you have not had any bank account approved, you would simply need to add one by clicking on “Add a new bank account”.

After that, simply add your bank details to the required fields and upload your Bank Statement to the required field and click on “Add Bank Account”. This takes place for your funds’ security.

Kindly note that these steps will not be required once your bank account is approved. Anytime you decide to add a new bank account, you will be required to provide this information again for your bank account’s approval.

  • For SWIFT Wire Transfer:

  • For SEPA Bank Transfer:



Your name and contact number will be automatically added for you.

It is important to note that a €5 fee is applicable for Wire Transfers and will be deducted from the amount once the withdrawal is processed.

Please allow 2-5 business days for your funds to reach your account. As advised below, you will be updated about the progress of your request via email. 

Our Payments Team will require a bank statement to confirm your bank account details if you have not yet deposited to the Platform using the same bank account.

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