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Why is Zeply
the best place to buy Bitcoin?

Buy, Send and Receive BTC

An instant platform for all your Bitcoin transactions.

Exchange Your Currency

Exchange your Bitcoin to Euro and Euro to Bitcoin.

Instant and Secure Payouts

Complete peace of mind when managing transactions. Zeply handles your Bitcoin private keys in the safest way possible.

Buy Bitcoin quickly with low fees

Receive Bitcoin payments

Zeply uses lightning-fast technology which allows you to receive Bitcoin payments in an instant.


Receive Bitcoin payments lightning-fast

Transfer Bitcoin in seconds

Don’t let your transactions linger. Send or exchange Bitcoin in real time. 

Transfer Bitcoin in seconds

Zeply Exchange

Make the exchange between digital and traditional currency in a matter of seconds


The easiest way to exchange money!

Simple Exchange System

See your activity and exchange Bitcoin and Euro

Zeply enables users to exchange BTC to Euro and vice versa.

See your activity and exchange Bitcoin and Euro

Withdraw Your Funds

Withdraw Your Funds

Zeply allows you to withdraw Euro by simply selecting your wallet, your method of withdrawal, and the amount.

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