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Buy, Send, & Spend Crypto Instantly with Zeply.

Effortlessly manage your digital assets on Zeply. Buy and send Bitcoin, ETH, and more cryptos. Convert GBP to USDT, EUR to USDT, and explore a broad spectrum of cryptocurrencies with our real-time exchange, ensuring competitive rates. Take your crypto spending further with Zeply’s Bitcoin and Crypto Visa Card.

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At Zeply, we give you complete freedom to manage your crypto assets anytime, anywhere. You can buy, send or spend over 10 different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, ETH, USDT, and more, all instantly and securely. Send Bitcoin across borders without delay, ensuring your transactions are processed with the immediacy your lifestyle demands. Shop, travel, and cash out in local currency with your crypto.

Our platform is regulated in the EU and onshore in Estonia, ensuring your peace of mind and security.
Oh, and here’s a neat fact: Registering with Zeply is a breeze compared to signing up for your typical neobank or lifestyle app.


Creating Your Account:

Ready to get started? You can either install our app or explore the web version. Kickstart your crypto journey with a straightforward account setup on Zeply. Our platform is all about ease and security.

Top Tip: For added security, always remember to use a unique and strong password.


Quick KYC Process:

Worried about compliance and security?
Don’t be! Our 5-minute Know Your Customer (KYC) process is lightning-fast, ensuring you can dive into trading without those never-ending waits.

Top Tip: For added security, always remember to use a unique and strong password.

Why KYC is essential?

KYC plays a vital role in safeguarding your financial activities. It’s like a security check that ensures everyone using the platform is who they say they are, creating a trustworthy environment. This process helps in keeping your investments safe, as it adds an extra layer of verification. It’s not just about following rules; it’s about creating a secure community where everyone can feel confident about their transactions. So, KYC is more than just a requirement; it’s a crucial step in building a safer financial world for everyone.


Depositing Funds:

Need to load up your Zeply account with EUR or GBP? No problem! We’ve made it super easy. You can use familiar methods like debit cards, credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Trustly.

Pro Tip: To avoid any deposit hassles, always double-check your transaction details
for accuracy.


Now, let’s talk about Trustly. Wondering why it’s a more secure option?

Find out more in our partnership article.


Buying, Selling & Spending Cryptocurrency:

Ready to navigate the crypto waters? Zeply offers an intuitive buying and selling process, whether you’re after BTC or any other cryptocurrencies. Buy or spend Bitcoin instantly, ensuring immediate ownership transfer with secure, straightforward transactions.

Pro Tip: If you’re unsure, start with a 20 EUR or GBP. You can always scale up later.

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Choosing Your Currency – EUR or GBP

At Zeply, we give you the freedom to choose your preferred currency, whether it’s EUR or GBP, based on your preferences and region.

Pro Tip: When making your choice, consider transaction fees and conversion rates for your preferred currency.


Utilizing Two Crypto Networks:

Did you know that Zeply supports both Ethereum (ERC-20) and Tron (TRC-20) networks? You get the freedom to transact on your preferred network.

Pro Tip: Each network has its advantages. For instance, some customers prefer TRC-20 for USDT when sending or receiving small amounts less than 50 USDT.


Withdrawing Your Funds:

Ready to cash out? Zeply’s withdrawal process is straightforward, allowing you to convert your cryptos back to EUR or GBP seamlessly.

Pro Tip: To avoid any withdrawal hitches, ensure your bank details are up-to-date.

Trust in Regulation and Security

Rest easy knowing that Zeply operates under EU regulations and has onshore operations in Estonia. Your security is our top priority.

Pro Tip: For an added layer of security, always enable 2-Factor Authentication.

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Need Help? We’re Here

Whether you’re a newbie with questions or need technical assistance, our dedicated support team is here 24/7.

Pro Tip: Check out our FAQs and guides for quick solutions to common queries.