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The cryptocurrency market tends to be surrounded by volatility. It can present risks but also opportunities — that’s why we’re here. Unlock how to guides and walkthrough style articles that can help accelerate your process into the crypto arena.

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Updated 28 May, 2021

6 Tips To Keep Your Bitcoin Wallet Secure

Make sure the funds in your Bitcoin wallet are safe and secure. How? Follow these simple, practical tips and ut your mind to rest.

Updated 30 Mar, 2021

Bitcoin to Fiat in Minutes– Exchanging BTC to EUR

Bitcoin to Euro (BTC to EUR). Convert BTC to EUR in minutes on real-time market conditions, low fees, and an easy-to-use platform.

Updated 29 Mar, 2021

Exchanging Bitcoin to Dollar – A Quick Guide

Bitcoin to Dollar (BTC to USD). Convert BTC to USD in minutes on real-time market conditions, low fees, and an easy-to-use platform.

Updated 26 Mar, 2021

How to Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card in Malta

Malta once became the mecca for crypto community and big players flocked to set up camp. Here’s a quick guide on buying bitcoin in Malta.

Updated 18 Mar, 2021

Buying Bitcoin for the First Time? 8 Things you Need to Know

Since its inception Bitcoin’s popularity has exploded. Thinking of joining crypto? Here is 8 things to know before buying your first Bitcoin.

Updated 18 Feb, 2021

Real-time Market Prices: Exchange Your funds at Zeply 

With Zeply you can exchange from Euro to BTC and vice versa on real-time market prices. Join the evolution of money today.

Updated 17 Feb, 2021

Security at the Core: Two Factor Authentication on Zeply

Add an extra layer of security to your account with Zeply’s Two-Factor Authentication feature, enter to learn more.

Updated 16 Feb, 2021

Getting Started With Zeply

Every process is simple at Zeply. From creating your account to buying your first Bitcoin. Getting started at Zeply takes seconds, join now!

Updated 04 Jan, 2021

Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card

Zeply is the payment platform that focuses on providing users with a seamless experience when buying, exchanging, and storing Bitcoin.

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