Updated 28 Dec, 2023

Explore One of Europe’s Best Bitcoin & Crypto Visa Cards by Zeply

In today’s fast-paced digital finance landscape, Zeply introduces its Crypto and Bitcoin Visa Card, redefining how users spend crypto and cash out their digital assets. Amidst significant shifts within the crypto industry, this strategic move by Zeply emerges as a game-changer, facilitating a seamless integration of cryptocurrencies into daily transactions. With Zeply’s innovative card, spending and cashing out crypto becomes as straightforward as using traditional banking services, marking a new era of financial empowerment and convenience.

Zeply Crypto Card and Bitcoin Card in Europe

A New Player in the Crypto Card Market

The Zeply Crypto and Bitcoin Visa Card arrives at a time when the need for reliable and versatile crypto spending solutions is more apparent than ever. Designed for both virtual and physical use, the card allows for seamless transactions worldwide, anywhere Visa is accepted. This development is particularly timely, considering the recent announcement by Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, that it will discontinue its Binance card services in the European Economic Area (EEA).

As reported by PYMNTS, this decision implies that post-December 20, holders of the Binance Visa debit card issued under the EEA program will no longer be able to make purchases using their cards. This shift in the market landscape opens new doors for Zeply’s innovative solutions.

Zeply’s Answer to a Growing Demand

Zeply’s Crypto Card is initially available to residents in the EEA, offering a promising alternative to those affected by the Binance card’s discontinuation. Users can easily spend top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, USDT, USDC, Sol, and ADA, reflecting Zeply’s commitment to providing a diverse range of digital asset options. The card also simplifies the crypto-to-fiat conversion process, automatically converting cryptocurrencies into local currencies at the point of sale.

Unmatched Spending Freedom with Zeply’s Card

The Zeply Visa Crypto and Bitcoin Card unlocks unprecedented spending freedom. Accepted at over 44 million locations in 200 countries, it transforms your digital currencies into a readily accessible spending tool. Instantly convert and withdraw Bitcoin, USDT, ETH, and more as cash. The card’s flexibility extends to a generous monthly spending limit of €15,000, accommodating both the plastic and virtual card options for a range of cryptocurrencies.

Security and Accessibility at the Forefront

Adhering to stringent EU regulations, Zeply’s Crypto Visa Card assures users of top-notch security and compliance. Being a VASP (Virtual Asset Service Provider) licensed platform, Zeply ensures that all transactions are not only seamless but also secure. Experience the ease of Google Pay integration, with Apple Pay on its way.

Looking Towards a Global Future

While currently focused on the EEA, Zeply has plans for a global rollout, aiming to bring the ease of crypto spending to a wider audience. This aligns with the growing trend of digital asset integration into mainstream finance, marking a significant stride in the global adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Zeply’s introduction of its Crypto Visa Card is not just a response to the evolving market needs but also a proactive step towards defining the future of crypto transactions. As the digital finance landscape continues to evolve, Zeply remains at the forefront, driving innovation and accessibility in the crypto world.

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In Conclusion: 

Zeply is more than just a crypto platform; it’s a community. With features like the Enhanced Instant Zero Fee Transfers, Crypto Visa Card we aim to make your crypto journey rewarding. Dive in, explore, and let your crypto work for you! 

At Zeply, we prioritize your security and trust. We’re proud to be regulated within the EU and hold a VASP license issued by the Estonian Intelligence Unit. This ensures that when you use Zeply, you’re in good hands. Learn more about our commitment to regulation and compliance https://zeply.com/news/crypto-landscape-estonias-regulatory-environment-and-zeplys-adaptability/.