Updated 29 May, 2023

Zeply x Trustly: together to the new horizon of instant and more secure Bitcoin and Crypto payments

Today, we are talking about the integration partnership between two European product-led and fintech companies: Zeply and Trustly. Next few blocks, you discover a bit of information about how to offer a safer and more efficient way to manage your financial transactions with Zeply and Trustly.

Bitcoin wallet

Why Use Trustly on Zeply for Instant Bitcoin Transactions?

At Zeply, we understand the importance of providing European users with secure and convenient ways to buy Bitcoin without the need for a card. That’s why we have integrated Trustly’s reliable and seamless payment solution into our platform.

With Trustly, you can effortlessly purchase cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, directly on the Zeply platform. Trustly ensures a secure and hassle-free experience, making it the ideal payment solution for anyone looking to buy crypto. By leveraging Trustly’s payment integration, we simplify the process and enhance our customers’ overall experience with seamless crypto transactions.

Our mission at Zeply is to offer a platform that allows users to buy Bitcoin instantly, without compromising on security. By partnering with Trustly, a trusted fintech solution known for its cardless transactions, we can fulfill this mission.

When you choose Trustly as your preferred payment method on Zeply, you can engage in instant Bitcoin transactions without the need for a card. This secure and straightforward process makes buying Bitcoin a hassle-free experience, making Trustly the optimal choice for fast and easy Bitcoin transactions.

Elevate your Bitcoin buying experience on Zeply by utilizing Trustly for secure and instant transactions. Experience the convenience and peace of mind that comes with Trustly’s payment solution.

What Does This Integration Mean for Zeply Users?

This partnership delivers bank-level security, eliminating the need for sharing card details. You can now buy Bitcoin seamlessly and without a card directly from your bank account. Trustly’s secure and transparent transactions provide peace of mind.


At Zeply, we are thrilled to provide you with the new Trustly payment option, enhancing your Bitcoin buying experience. With Trustly integrated directly into the Zeply platform, you can make instant, card-free Bitcoin purchases directly from your bank account. We’re committed