Updated 01 Oct, 2021

62% of Institutional Investors Ready To Buy Crypto Within A Year

smartphone in hand with bitcoin on it and Buy on a purple background62% of Institutional Investors Ready to Buy Crypto Within a Year

Key Takeaways:

  • Professional investors show increased appetite for bitcoin and cryptos
  • Over 62% of institutional investors are looking to buy digital assets within a year

Interest in BTC and Crypto is Increasing

As much as 62% of the institutional investors are looking to buy digital assets like bitcoin over the next year. That is, according to a new study by UK-based cryptocurrency hedge fund Nickel Digital Asset Management.

On September 28th, the survey was released and included responses from 50 wealth managers and 50 institutional investors. That said, both categories of the polled were executives in financial firms with no cryptocurrency experience.

The finance professionals who participated in the survey have no previous exposure to bitcoin or alternative currencies. Rather, the main reason they cite as motivation for joining crypto is the potential for gains in the long term. On that note, about 47% of respondents expect crypto investments to bring them above-average, or so-called alpha, returns.

Growth Projections Remain Strong

Nearly 45% of the polled said they are confident the cryptocurrency market will continue to grow as an asset class. Additionally, 41% of the participants said they are ready to invest in the emerging crypto space amid improving regulatory climate.

“There is no doubt that the crypto asset market is becoming more mainstream in the institutional and wealth management sectors,” Henry Howell, head of business development at Nickel, said.

The survey includes responses from investors in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and the United Arab Emirates. In conclusion, Nickel Digital conducted the research between May and June 2021.

Nickel Digital is Europe’s biggest regulated crypto hedge fund that manages over $250m in a diverse portfolio of digital assets. That said, the firm was founded in 2019 by Anatoly Crachilov, a former Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan director.

The crypto industry is looking strong entering the final quarter of 2021. Consider visiting our Introduction page to find out how you can participate in the crypto revolution.

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