Updated 28 Oct, 2021

Bitcoin ATMs Double In 2021: Over 30,000 In Nearly 80 Countries

A bitcoin ATM on one side and a globe on the other on a grey background -Bitcoin ATMs Double in 2021: Over 30,000 in Nearly 80 Countries



Key Takeaways:

  • Bitcoin ATMs now exceed 30,000, the number has doubled since January
  • Millions of mainstream consumers are now able to receive crypto services through Bitcoin ATMs

Bitcoin ATMs Double in 2021 to Over 30,000

Bitcoin is going mainstream. With every passing day, the adoption of the original cryptocurrency is growing and spreading around the globe. The latest sign to indicate the fast-paced acceptance of Bitcoin is the number of Bitcoin ATMs, or teller devices offering crypto.

In more detail, Bitcoin ATMs are now present in 76 countries around the globe, data from Coin ATM Radar shows. Moreover, the number of total crypto ATMs has doubled since January and now exceeds 30,000.

The number one spot in the Bitcoin ATMs rankings is held by the United States. In America, customers have access to over 26,000 crypto teller devices. Canada comes second with roughly 2,000, while the European Unions is third with around 1,400.

Some other locations that score high on the list include Spain with 155 Bitcoin ATMs. Bitcoin-friendly Switzerland can offer only 130 machines to purchase the orange token.

Mainstream Adoption Keeps Accelerating

Still, the general trend is strongly positive this year as a total of 30,112 Bitcoin ATMs are now working across the globe. The number is up from 14,016 registered in January. The growing support for cryptocurrency services comes to show how bitcoin is now confidently making its way to the mainstream user.

Furthermore, the fast-emerging crypto asset market has already reached Wall Street. More precisely, several Bitcoin ETFs are giving investors access to the price of bitcoin through the futures markets. That said, analysts point the rising acceptance from consumers and institutions indicates the market is becoming more legitimate and accessible.

With this in mind, whether you’re an experienced crypto trader and a novice, make sure to check our Buy Bitcoin Guide. In it, you will learn how you can be part of the global crypto movement.

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