Updated 24 Sep, 2021

Bitcoin Tipping on Twitter Now Live for iOS Users

phone with twitter icon on it with bitcoins on purple background Bitcoin Tipping on Twitter Now Live for iOS Users

Key Takeaways:

  • Twitter says Bitcoin tips are now live worldwide for iOS users of the platform
  • The Bitcoin tipping option means users could send each other bitcoin as tips for posts

Bitcoin Tipping on Twitter Now Live for iOS Users

Twitter announced late on Thursday Bitcoin payments on its platform are now live. This popular social media network was founded by Bitcoin bull Jack Dorsey. The feature will allow Twitter users to send each other Bitcoin as tips.

Initially, the Bitcoin tipping option would be available to iOS users worldwide. Bitcoin tips would be carried out by linking to third-party services, namely Bitcoin addresses and Lighting Network addresses.

The newest and most crypto-friendly feature on the social media giant was announced by the company itself on a call with reporters. On the official Twitter account, a post revealed the Tips feature has been tested and is being rolled out on iOS with Android coming soon. Previously, some of the options in the Tips section had been available to a small group of people.

Bitcoin Address and Lightning Network Address

The option to tip users with bitcoin would come along alternative payment methods. These methods include Bandcamp, Cash App, Patreon and others. It would be through Cash App or Go Fund Me that users will be able to send tips to a Bitcoin address.

In order for content creators on the social platform to send or receive Bitcoin to a Lightning Network address, tipsters would need to use payment service Strike. The Lightning Network is a so-called layer-2 service that was designed as a way to provide faster and cost-efficient transactions on Bitcoin’s network.

The move was actually foreshadowed by a code that was observed in beta version. The code described bitcoin was getting intertwined with Twitter’s Tips feature.

Jack Dorsey, a Bitcoin Maxi

Twitter’s decision to launch tipping with the original cryptocurrency is a grand step for Bitcoin toward mainstream adoption. Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey has been one of the most outspoken supporters of Bitcoin.

Mr. Dorsey has been called a Bitcoin Maxi, short for maximalist. Due to his belief in the orange coin only, while discrediting all other coins.

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