Updated 02 Dec, 2021

Croatia’s Biggest Supermarket Chain Embraces Bitcoin as Payment

Vectors of Supermarket Buildings with Bitcoin Logo In the Upper Right Corner. Croatia’s Biggest Supermarket Chain Embraces Bitcoin as Payment

Key Takeaways:

  • Bitcoin is now accepted as payment for goods at Croatia’s biggest supermarket chain
  • The step marks accelerating mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency

Croatia’s Biggest Supermarket Adopts Bitcoin

Croatia’s biggest supermarket chain, Kozum, took the leap to embrace cryptocurrency. In signs of growing crypto adoption among mainstream services, Kozum said on Dec. 1 it now accepts bitcoin as payment.

The innovative approach from the company will initially be introduced to online shopping. In more detail, customers who shop online could choose to pay in bitcoin for their groceries, cosmetics, and other household items. In the future, however, the supermarket plans to expand crypto services to include on-site purchases at stores across its entire chain.

It’s important to note that the retailer has more than 700 stores in Croatia and employs more than 10,000 people around the country. Moreover, Croatia’s Kozum is among the first companies in the country to take the step toward bitcoin adoption. That way, the cryptocurrency could be used as payments next to Croatia’s own currency, the kuna.

Kozum Stores Adapt to the Changing Times

To this end, Kozum has set its gaze on crypto as a way to keep up with the changing times and stay competitive. Board member Uros Kalinic praised the decision to embrace crypto and said the company considers this a way to stay innovative.

“As the largest retail chain in Croatia,” said Mr. Kalinic, “we are proud to be leaders in another field that is developing rapidly and shaping the future.” He mentioned Kozum’s 65-year history has allowed the company to develop into a leader in the domestic market. Also, he added, the retail chain is among the first ones to rotate to technological breakthroughs as a way to do business.

The major step by Kozum marks growing interest among traditional companies toward digital assets. As time progresses, the cryptocurrency market becomes larger and harder to ignore. To this end, analysts point the rapid expansion of the crypto industry will accelerate as we head into the new year.

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