Updated 31 May, 2023

Crypto-landscape: Estonia’s Regulatory Environment and Zeply’s Adaptability

The digital currency landscape is an ever-evolving terrain, constantly shaped by the push-and-pull of technological innovation, market demands, and regulatory oversight.
At the forefront of this dynamic ecosystem, Estonia emerged as a pioneer in 2017 by being the first country to offer cryptocurrency licenses. These licenses paved the way for numerous companies operating globally under Estonian regulation.

Estonia, once home to nearly 2000 registered crypto firms, has seen a drastic decline in these numbers, with only around 100 companies still operating as of 2023. The reason for this sharp contraction is rooted in the country’s progressively stringent regulatory measures, primarily driven by an increasing focus on preventing money laundering and terrorist financing. However, it’s important to note that not all of these remaining companies are guaranteed to obtain the updated license, underlining the rigorous standards now in place.

Navigating Through the Regulatory Turbulence: Zeply’s Remarkable Compliance Journey

Amidst the changing regulatory tide, one company that has successfully demonstrated an unwavering commitment to regulatory compliance and customer-centricity is Zeply.
By acquiring the updated ‘Virtual Currency Service Provider License’ number FVT000128, Zeply stands as a testament to the potential of maintaining regulatory compliance while delivering exceptional service to customers.

Zeply’s journey through the complex web of regulatory check-ups and audits is a story of resilience, adaptability, and strict adherence to the highest standards of business conduct. The platform has been meticulously vetted, assessed, and validated on numerous fronts, including:

Audit Processes: Zeply’s robust auditing mechanisms ensure financial integrity and operational transparency.
Own Funds Calculation: The company maintains a strong financial base, reflecting its commitment to economic stability.
Adherence to the Travel Rule: Zeply’s strict compliance with this regulation ensures the secure and traceable transfer of virtual assets.
Capital Requirements: Zeply meets the stipulated capital requirement of €250,000, showcasing its financial solidity.
IT Tools and Security Measures: The firm uses state-of-the-art IT infrastructure to provide secure and seamless services.
Business Plan: Zeply operates on a comprehensive and forward-thinking business strategy, ensuring sustainable growth.
KYC Protocols: Zeply employs rigorous KYC procedures to prevent illicit activities and maintain the platform’s integrity.
Physical Office, top management, and dedicated team of professionals in Estonia: Zeply’s local presence in Estonia guarantees transparency and active engagement with the country’s regulatory ecosystem.

Zeply: Striking the Perfect Balance Between Regulatory Compliance and Customer Satisfaction

While successfully navigating the rigorous Estonian crypto regulatory environment, Zeply has also managed to remain true to its core philosophy of putting customers first. The platform offers an array of services that marry convenience, flexibility, and security, thus making the Zeply experience both user-friendly and trustworthy. These services include:

Commission-Free Bitcoin Transactions: Customers in the EU and the UK can buy and sell Bitcoin without the burden of additional fees.
Free Internal Transactions: Zeply promotes a sense of community by allowing free transactions between its users (launching on June 6th, 2023) and crypto transfers to third parties.
Facilitated Bitcoin Selling: Users can easily sell Bitcoin and withdraw their funds in euros or pounds , providing them with financial liquidity .
Creation of Multiple Bitcoin Addresses: Zeply users can establish several Bitcoin addresses to suit diverse needs, granting them greater flexibility.
Round-the-Clock Customer Support: Zeply’s dedicated team provides 24/7 assistance, ensuring uninterrupted customer service.
Additionally,Zeply’s integration with Trustly, a renowned cardless payment solution, further elevates its service quality by making transactions instant, more secure, and convenient.


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Zeply: Charting the Future of the Crypto Industry

Zeply’s achievements in regulatory compliance and customer service solidify its reputation as a trusted player in the crypto arena. The company is not resting on its laurels, though. Its vision for the future includes introducing crypto debit cards and expanding support for multiple currencies, which are slated to further enhance its service offerings.

To verify the company’s registration numbers and licenses, you can follow these simple steps: usually, this information can be found in several website sections, such as the main screen, the legal section, or the ‘footer’ section at the bottom of the webpage.



To sum up, Zeply’s journey is a powerful narrative about the balance between regulatory alignment, innovative service offerings, and a relentless commitment to customers. In the fast-paced and volatile world of digital currencies, Zeply stands out as a beacon of trust, transparency, and customer-centricity. It proves that adhering to quality standards is essential in the world of crypto, setting the company apart as it continues to innovate and excel in this vibrant industry.

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