Updated 21 Jul, 2021

Elon Musk to Speak on Bitcoin at “The B Word” Initiative

B Word


Key Takeaways:

  • Elon Musk will be speaking about Bitcoin at “The B Word” conference later today
  • Other speakers, including Jack Dorsey and Cathie Wood, will also talk during the event

Elon Musk to Talk About Bitcoin at “The B Word” Online Conference

Upcoming “The B Word” online conference confirms Tesla and SpaceX chief executive Elon Musk as a speaker. The event, scheduled to happen later today, will shed light on Bitcoin’s characteristics. Concerns around its carbon footprint and other negative traits attributed to the leading cryptocurrency will be discussed.

The confirmation that Elon Musk would discuss Bitcoin was revealed on the official website where people can register and watch the event live as it happens. Moreover, the Tesla chief will be joined by other prominent crypto players. Cathie Wood, founder, CEO and CIO of ARK Invest will participate along with Jack Dorsey, an outspoken and highly devoted Bitcoin evangelist.

Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, is actually one of the organizers of the online conference. His other company Square is part of a group called Crypto Council for Innovation. The group announced last month it will launch the conference.

“Join the biggest bitcoin event of the summer,” a Twitter post by the group says, adding that speakers include Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, Cathie Wood and others.

The Crypto Council for Innovation describes itself as “a global alliance of crypto industry leaders with a mission to demonstrate the transformational promise of crypto. .[..] and communicate its benefits to policymakers, regulators, and people around the globe.”

Elon Musk’s Confusing Approach to Bitcoin

Elon Musk’s opinion on Bitcoin could be interpreted in many ways. His position has been rather disbalanced as he announced his EV company will start accepting Bitcoin for car purchases in February but then walked back the decision a few weeks later citing environmental concerns due to the high energy consumption required for mining.

While Elon Musk is still considered a strong believer in Bitcoin, he has said the use of cryptos “cannot come at great cost to the environment”.

The online conference is scheduled for Wednesday, July 21 and you can register here.