HAYVN for business clients

We wanted to update you on new developments that we believe significantly move Zeply forward as a company and crucially, position Zeply to be able to support our business clients with their crypto needs.

Zeply has reached a mutual agreement with HAYVN shareholders to purchase the business’s brand, technology, clients, and staff. The deal provides the opportunity to reinvigorate Zeply under the trading name of HAYVN. This deal seeks to consolidate our position as a global crypto business focusing on providing services to its business clients.

Please visit https://hayvnglobal.com/ and sign up so we can transition your business easily to HAYVN services.

We have taken the decision to retire the consumer Zeply application to focus on our business clients. Please email us on [email protected] with your Zeply account email address to contact us about your Zeply account.