Updated 30 Oct, 2023

Setting the Standard: Zeply at Sigma 2023


EU-Regulated and Reliable: Proudly based in Estonia, Zeply is a fully regulated crypto exchange, serving both corporate clients and private individuals with utmost integrity.

A Solution for Heavily Regulated Industries: We’ve identified a unique challenge in the market: heavily regulated industries, such as iGaming, are eager to adopt crypto but are hindered by a lack of transparency. Zeply addresses this head-on.

Blending Crypto and Traditional Banking: Our innovative solution brings together the best of both worlds – the agility and innovation of crypto with the stability and reliability of traditional banking, all while ensuring full transparency and traceability.

Empowering Your Crypto Journey: Whether you’re a business looking to tap into the crypto market or an individual seeking a trustworthy platform, Zeply is here to facilitate your journey with a comprehensive crypto infrastructure.

Ahead of the Curve: Our focus on regulation and transparency sets us apart in the crypto space, ensuring that our clients can confidently navigate the crypto world, reaping all its benefits without compromising on compliance.

Join the Zeply Community: Discover a world where crypto meets compliance. Whether you’re an individual or a business, Zeply is your trusted partner in the crypto journey.



Mark Anthony: “Mark Anthony here for Sigma TV. I’m sitting here with Andrei Bulgakov. He is the CEO of Zeply. Andrei, how are you?”

Andrei Bulgakov: “Hi Mark, doing great, thank you.”

M: “Um, Andrei, I’m very glad to have you over here in the media lounge today. Um, you have come to Expo with your team, Zeply. Please guide me through what is that Zeply does.”

A: “Zeply is an amazing product, an amazing team of people. We are a regulated crypto exchange based in Estonia, EU regulated. We service both corporate and private individuals, and we handle the whole crypto infrastructure for our customers, including Fiat on and offerings.”

M: “Brilliant, very straight to the point, very powerful. Andre, you came here to the CIS and Bunkhan’s Sigma 2023 Integrated Resorts, an amazing Expo put up, competitors all around. What separates you from them?”

A: “Um, I will say unlike many other crypto companies, we’re more focused on the regulation. So one of the challenges, um, iGaming companies specifically have, as it came to our knowledge recently, is that heavily regulated companies are willing to tap into crypto, but they are not able to due to lack of transparency in the network. So what we have come up with is a solution that allows them to tap into crypto without bringing any regulations, with full transparency, full traceability, with all the advantages of crypto and with all the advantages of traditional banking. And how do you plan to implement this in your strategy on the floor?”

M: “Well, that is exactly what we do. We explain to companies that are interested in crypto that we have this solution, which is, I want to say, in a way unique. So I will not be going into the details before we sign an NDA (smile), but that is exactly what we’re showing the companies, that they can in fact tap into the crypto market, tap into the market of crypto users, without exposing themselves to excessive risks. How do you feel as though the crowd has received this information from you?”

A: “I would say it’s 50/50. It depends on what exactly the company is looking for, but technically we can provide any crypto solution. We are though focusing currently here on finding companies that are struggling with crypto, specifically for the regulation reasons.”

M: “Brilliant. Is it safe to say, Andrei, that we will be seeing Zeply Expo more often here?”

A: “Oh certainly, certainly. We had a great time being here.”

M: “Amazing. Andre, I’d like to thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to come and see me over here at the media lounge. It was really nice catching up with you, and I look forward to catching up with you on other expos. Maybe we can make a part two and see how this Expo has benefited you and what the prospects for the near future are.”

A: “Thank you for the invitation. It was my pleasure. See you around.”

M: “Thank you, Andrei.”