Updated 10 Feb, 2022

Top 6 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Those That Love Bitcoin

Valentines Day


Key Takeaways:

  • 6 Gifts people can buy this Valentine’s Day for their perfect match

Valentine’s Day is almost here and professing your love for your significant other through gifts is such a beautiful gesture. Choosing a perfect gift is already tricky enough, let alone for someone you are trying to woo.

While your special someone still believes in the good old “it’s the thought that counts” maxim, you might want to skip those little straight-from-the-V-day-promo-shelf prezzies this year.

Let us be your wingman and help you make your significant other more smitten than they already are. In this article, we have come up with the top 5 Valentine’s gifts that are not just impressive but are also a big bang for your (Bitcoin) buck.

1. The Gift of Travel

Bitcoin & travel are two of life’s simplest pleasures, so why not combine the two this Valentine’s Day. Did you know that 70% of nearly 10 million in bookings on Travala.com used Crypto? Furthermore, in June of 2021, there were 3,200 searches for keywords to travel & cryptocurrencies. Travel giants such as Expedia, CheapAir, SurfAir, and Travala (to name a few) are now embracing crypto. So, whether you are after a weekend city break or sun, sand, and sea holiday, why not put your cryptocurrency to good use?

2. The Show Stopper

Is your perfect someone into the arts? Theatre Direct in the UK accepts Bitcoin, so if you’re hoping to use your crypto for a more cultured night at the ballet or catching a West End musical in London now is your chance.

3. Roses are Red

Nothing says I love you than a bunch of their favourite flowers.

4. A Private Flying Experience

If you think your partner deserves only the finer things in life, then letting them experience flying private is beyond amazing. Now you don’t have to be a member of the infamous Mile High Club to make this dream a reality, thanks to Bitcoin and Surf Air!

5. Gift Cards

Unsure what to get bae this year – let them choose themselves. Gyft and eGifter.com make it easy to give the perfect gift card to those looking for something a little more general.

6. Bitcoin

Yes, Bitcoin! BTC is something that you obviously love, so why not share that passion with your loved ones? Instead of a wad of cash give Bitcoin or BTC gifts can also come in the shape of a wallet. Why not refer your friends and share the love this Valentine’s. Wait we left the best bot out you can bag yourself and your friends €10 each by simply giving them the gift of Zeply.

Stuck in the “Friend Zone”?

Not everyone has someone to spend Valentine’s Day with. For everyone that is currently looking, give love a chance and sign up for OkCupid! The matchmaking site accepts Bitcoin, is home to over 50 million users and 91 million connections made annually, so why not use BTC to find love!

Whether you will spend Bitcoin this Valentine’s Day or keep HODLing on Zeply have you covered! Buy Bitcoin with zero fees and carry out all transactions instantaneously.