Updated 06 Sep, 2021

Twitter Getting Ready to Launch Bitcoin Tipping Feature

Bitcoin Tipping is expected to be new Twitter feature

Key Takeaways:

  • A publication says Twitter is testing the bitcoin tipping option
  • The feature, if released, would be part of Twitter’s Tip Jar feature

Bitcoin Tipping Feature Could be in the Making

Social media giant Twitter is reportedly planning to launch a feature that would allow users to give each other tips in the form of bitcoin. The potential new addition, if released, will be part of Twitter’s “Tip Jar” functionality.

“Bitcoin isn’t yet available to select as a tip option for beta users, but code in the beta suggests that Twitter is in the process of rolling it out,” a publication on MacRumors explained. “Details in the latest Twitter beta indicate that users will be directed through a Bitcoin tutorial that includes details on the Bitcoin Lightning Network and custodial and non-custodial Bitcoin wallets.”

The Tip Jar feature on Twitter was introduced in May as a way to reward users for the content they create on social media. At the time of Tip Jar’s launch, Twitter said the services enabled for use included Bandcamp, Cash App, Patreon, PayPal, and Venmo.

Jack Dorsey’s Twitter Vision Is Bitcoin-oriented

Fast forward to July, CEO, and founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, said during the earnings call with shareholders that bitcoin would play a “big role” in Twitter’s future.

“If the internet has a native currency, a global currency, we will be able to move so much faster with products such as Super Follows, Commerce, Subscription, Tip Jar, and we can reach every single person on the planet because of that, instead of going down on market-by-market approach.” Mr. Dorsey said then.

“I think it’s hugely important to Twitter and to Twitter shareholders that we continue to look at the [bitcoin] space and invest aggressively in it,” he added during the second-quarter earnings call.

Indeed, Jack Dorsey has been increasingly interested to allow consumers access to the fast-emerging bitcoin market. A noted Bitcoin maximalist who believes only in the original cryptocurrency, Jack Dorsey recently unveiled plans to create a Bitcoin-native decentralized exchange as part of his other company, Square.

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