Updated 13 Oct, 2021

Venezuela Airport Soon To Accept Bitcoin As Payment For Tickets

An aeroplane with a Bitcoin on top - Venezuela Airport Soon to Accept Bitcoin as Payment for Tickets


Key Takeaways:

  • International airport in Venezuela taking steps toward adopting Bitcoin as payment
  • “We must advance in these new economic and technological systems to be accessible”

Venezuela to Allow Bitcoin for Airplane Tickets

The adoption cycle in the life of bitcoin continues. Now, the latest country to show interest in allowing bitcoin as payment is Venezuela. The country ranks third among those with most-advanced cryptocurrency adoption in the world. Now, the South American nation is looking to roll out the option to pay for airplane tickets with bitcoin.

According to updates from Freddy Borges, director of Simon Bolivar international airport, travelers will soon be able to use bitcoin. In more detail, people at the airport should be able to pay with bitcoin for their tickets or other services.

The Simon Bolivar airport, or simply called Maiquetia, is hammering out rules to allow the administration to accept the original token. More precisely, local news media El Siglo reported, the new payment option will expand the airport services to reflect technological progress.

Airport Director Optimistic to Adopt Bitcoin as Payment

“We must advance in these new economic and technological systems to be accessible,” airport director Borges stated. Also, he added that, “We will activate a button for cryptocurrency payments in the airport platforms and commercial activities.”

Against that backdrop, the institution’s efforts to embrace crypto will drive further digital currency adoption among companies globally. According to Mr. Borges, the new and modernistic feature would benefit foreign travelers, as well as local citizens. Still, the director emphasized that the innovative payment tools are directed more toward international travelers.

The bitcoin payment method will be governed by Sunacrip, the country’s crypto regulator, if it actually happens. As to the potential impact this could have, the airport is one of the nation’s largest. With that in mind, the Maiquetia airport serves thousands of passengers from about 20 destinations worldwide.

The step comes about a month after El Salvador, a Central American country, officially embraced bitcoin as its national currency.

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