Updated 02 Mar, 2021

Zeply: The Key to Becoming a Smart Crypto Investor

Zeply: The Key to Becoming a Smart Crypto Investor

Even though the cryptocurrency space is relatively new and volatile, it still arouses the interest of many investors and people eager to make a profit in a short time. As in any business, there is a risk of not making a profit, but this has not stopped people from investing and multiplying their money. The key to becoming a smart crypto investor is not a deep secret, just a set of terms and values you need to consider.

Even if the price of cryptocurrencies fluctuates, the crypto space still represents a higher level in the field of investments and transactions. In the age of the internet, everything tends to become virtual and move into the virtual environment. Those who make a fortune are always the pioneers who dare to take risks and get involved in such investments.

Be a Smart Investor

Any investor, whether a beginner or a veteran, must be objective, clearly define his or her purpose and have a well-developed strategy. When it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies, there are a few key elements to consider. These include:


The value of cryptocurrencies fluctuates, but thanks to the advanced analysis tools, predictions can be made to influence the investor so that he or she can make the best decisions. Obviously, any investor wants to buy at the lowest possible price, but this does not mean that if a token has a high value it is not ideal to invest in it. On the contrary, a high value means greater financial potential and better stability on the market.

Cryptocurrencies Exit

Closing a business can have only 2 general results: profit or loss. To make a profit, a key element is not to be greedy. The cryptocurrency market is volatile and the value of tokens fluctuates. Anyone who forces the market and aspires to a higher profit runs the risk of losing profit. In addition, the market can be speculated and analyzed, and the profit can be reinvested at any time. So, once an investor has made a profit, he or she must know when to say: enough for now!


Stop-loss is a vital tool to manage profit or loss. Through it, you can place an order regarding the sale or purchase of tokens. This can limit profit or loss depending on the percentage chosen. If an investment decreases by 20% or increases by 20%, thanks to the stop-loss function the investment stops at the specified value.

Reinvest Profit

Being a constantly expanding market, any smart investor can increase their profit by reinvesting in new currencies. Crypto space is flooded with new tokens, and the old ones better define their position in this system. Thus, after a rigorous analysis, any investor can find profitable currencies in which to reinvest the profit.

What you need to know as an investor:

1. There are more than 2500 cryptocurrencies.

2. Do not invest money in exchanges without the stop-loss function.

3. Master all types of wallets.

4. Don’t invest in currencies that are growing at an accelerated rate by hundreds of percent because they will depreciate just as quickly.

5. At each exchange, look for the best fee options.

6. Look for exchanges that are not fiat compatible.

7. Do your research, analyze and reanalyze.

8. Don’t be greedy. Once you make a profit, retire on time.

9. After you have built your strategy, respect it completely.

10. Reinvest the profit in as many cryptocurrencies as possible.

Ready to Unlock Digital Value?

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