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Share the joy of crypto and we will give you & your friends €10*. That’s not all, once your friends have sent or received BTC 3 times they can earn an extra €10. What are you waiting for? Get your friends involved in the exciting world of cryptocurrency with Zeply!

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We’ll give you and your friends €10 each when your friends exchange €100 worth of crypto or fiat.

Friends that stick together Earn Together

Every time you refer a friend, we’ll give you both €10.

Let’s say you refer 5 friends, that’s €50 extra for the both of you to spend on some of life’s simple pleasures. Some coffee, perhaps? Or towards your next vacation? The world is your oyster.

The earning doesn’t stop there for your friends, once they have sent or received Bitcoin 3 times through their Zeply account we’ll reward them another €10.

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Zeply was built with the sole purpose of making Bitcoin easily accessible to a wider audience, join us to accelerate the adoption of Bitcoin and let more people join in on the benefits that the crypto ecosystem has to offer.

Smooth Client Onboarding

A KYC process faster than any seen on the market. Account verification in under 30 minutes, meaning your pals could own Bitcoin in no time.

The Everyone Platform

We are inspiring individuals around the world to make crypto their choice of currency, by educating them on the full potential of Bitcoin.

Your Finances, Your Rules

Effortlessly make the switch between fiat and crypto in an instant. Buy, send, or receive Bitcoin with 0% fees, anytime with complete ease.

How your friends can make Bitcoin an everyday accessory

So, your friends now know where to buy Bitcoin but how can they use it as part of their everyday life?.

1- Do More with Their Credit / Debit Card

At Zeply we are all about making Bitcoin simple. Your friends can buy crypto directly with their credit & debit cards.

2- Fast & Easy International Payments

Assets will be available in their wallet in just a few seconds, allowing them to freely pay for goods or send BTC to their friends & family in no time.

3- Using BTC One Purchase at a Time

Spending your Bitcoin is easier than you think, with a lot of retail and big institutions jumping abroad and now accepting Bitcoin as a method of payment for goods and services. Amazon, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Expedia, CheapAir are just a few big players. Your friends can start enjoying all of life’s simple pleasures using the Bitcoin once they have bought with Zeply.

The list doesn’t stop here, Bitcoin is the future let your friends be part of that!


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