Best Crypto Exchange What Is The Best Crypto Trading Platform Today?

You’ve come here looking for the top crypto exchanges around today, however, you might not necessarily need one. You’ve probably read that you need to first get yourself a wallet and then sign up for a big exchange in order to trade in cryptos.

While that was true in the past, the days of wallet and crypto separation are over in 2023, as you can now have both under one roof. Here at Zeply, not only do we offer you the chance to buy, store and sell cryptos, we also offer you the ability to exchange cryptos to fiat currencies in real-time!

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Finding the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange for You

So there used to be a need to sign up with a cryptocurrency exchange as well as having your bitcoin wallet, and filtering your way through the top crypto exchanges used to be an exhausting business. Thankfully, it’s now 2023 and the world of crypto trading has changed for the better, with services like Zeply now beautifully merging the functions of both wallet and exchange beautifully.

In the past, you had to sign up and create your crypto wallet, buy your Bitcoins and store them there. Then, it was back to square one, as you had to start the research phase again, sifting through multiple sites, and endless lists of “the best crypto brokers” in the endless search to try and find the one which was right for you. Then started the often-lengthy process of signing up to the Bitcoin exchange and getting verified – which could take up to five days or more to get full verified.

Sounds Exhausting Right?

Oh yes, it most definitely was – but if you’re just getting into crypto for the first time, you, fortunately, don’t have to go through all of that anymore. With service like Zeply, store and exchange can now all be done safely, easily and conveniently under one roof. What is more, five-day verification has now become five minutes. Yes, the big exchanges might promise you the world, but if you want a simple and streamlined crypto trading experience, there’s simply no need for one anymore – it can all be done with Zeply!


Crypto Wallet vs Crypto Exchange

So there used to be a clear separation between the best crypto wallets and the top crypto exchanges. Yes, that’s now a thing of the past thanks to Zeply, however, it’s important to know the two different functions that each entity does – and how Zeply conveniently brings both under one roof to save you the hassle of having multiple accounts.

The main difference between the two is that a wallet is where you store your coins and an exchange allows you to trade and convert between fiat currencies and other cryptos. If you think of it in old school investment terms, the crypto wallet is your bank, the exchange is Wall Street. Of course, since things have gone online, there’s been little need for the everyday armchair traders to go through financial brokers as trading can all be done online. Similarly, the lines between wallets and crypto exchanges have been blurred, with some offering some of the services that others offer. However, few have succeeded in doing this as well as we have at Zeply – especially for new crypto traders.

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Combining Your Wallet with the Best Crypto Exchange

You may or may not have already come across a crypto exchange that advertises the fact that they provide you with a wallet. That sounds all well and good, however, even with the best crypto exchange, you won’t get full control of that wallet. With exchanges that offer wallets, you’ll more often than not be restricted to only using that crypto wallet as a place to store your coins up to a limited amount and only so long as you’re actively trading cryptos using the exchange. Should you stop using the exchange to trade actively, you could be charged inactivity fees and lose some of your funds.

It’s for this reason, among others, that even those traders using the top crypto exchanges realised they had a need for a separate crypto wallet. Traders need a safe and secure place they could leave their crypto assets stored without being pressured into moving them around. The problem with this is that it created the need to have two accounts, which can be complex to keep track of even for relatively experienced intermediate traders, let alone beginners.


The Best Crypto Exchange - What Makes Zeply Better?

So what makes Zeply better if some crypto exchanges provide wallets anyway? It’s a valid question, however, there’s an easy answer. From the get-go, Zeply has always been a service that you can use to buy, sell, store and exchange cryptocurrencies all under one roof. We’ve never been an exchange first and foremost, which means that you can store your coins with Zeply as long as you want, without the worry of being charged or pressured into using the exchange and trading functions should you not want to.

Being an all-under-one-roof service from the get-go means that we offer you a fair and flexible service. You could, theoretically combine having your Zeply account with another exchange, but there simply is no need – Zeply is the best crypto exchange and wallet all rolled into one!

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Exchange Cryptos in Real Time with Zeply

The principle function of the top crypto exchanges is to allow you to exchange your money between crypto and traditional currencies, as well as between other types of crypto. Zeply allows you to exchange your money from traditional to crypto and vice-versa based on real-time market exchange rates and conditions. Whatsmore you can do so quickly, safely and securely in a manner that’s easy to understand for crypto traders of all experience levels.

Most of the biggest and so-called best crypto exchange platforms require you to download complex and high-powered meta-trading platforms. While impressive, the complex functions and amount of flummoxing information provided with such platforms aren’t necessary for the majority of traders. Here at Zeply, we streamline everything keeping it neat, easy and convenient. In fact, it can be done in just two simple steps, which we’ve explained for you below.


Using the Best Crypto Exchange in Two Steps

Exchanging your money between crypto and traditional currencies with Zeply is quick, easy and safe. Whatsmore is that our features and tools do the hard work for you, displaying real-time market updates. Ultimately, this means that you can focus 100% on what really matters to you – your finances.

To exchange with Zeply, all you need to do is follow the two simple steps below:

  • Once logged into your Zeply account, which you might be already, click on the “Exchange” tab and select the wallet you would like to exchange your funds from.
  • Now, simply choose the wallet you wish to exchange your funds to and enter the amount either in crypto or traditional currency, depending on which way you’re making your exchange.

Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? That’s why at Zeply we confidently rank our service as being among the top crypto exchanges, as well as being a storage and wallet service. If you want the process to be further simplified, you can find a how-to video in our YouTube channel, which takes less than a minute of your time to watch and shows you the process in real-time on-screen.

Conclusion - Are the Top Crypto Exchanges a Thing of the Past?

Crypto exchanges are not necessarily a thing of the past, however, the separation of wallet and exchange is fast becoming so. And no one is trailblazing this idea more than Zeply – so if you’re a casual trader there’s no better place to enjoy the best of both worlds than right here. The bottom line is this; there’s no need to sign up for a big and complex exchange, that could end up costing you loads in fees, when you can do everything quickly and conveniently under one roof with Zeply with no hidden costs.

Finally, if you live in the UK, don’t skip our guides on UK crypto exchange and bitcoin exchange UK.

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Best Crypto Exchange FAQ

🏆 What is the best cryptocurrency exchange?

There are a countless number of cryptocurrency exchanges out there today, therefore naming the best one is no easy task. However, did you know that you might not actually need one, as services like Zeply bring the best of crypto wallets and exchanges all under one roof?

❓ What is the best cryptocurrency exchange for beginners?

Surprise answer here – there isn’t one. Crypto exchanges are complex and unnecessary for beginner traders in 2023 as services like Zeply bring wallet and exchange services all under one roof.

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