Updated 10 Jun, 2023

Zeply’s New Feature: Welcome Instant Zero Fee Internal Transfers

Make your cryptocurrency experience even more rewarding with Zeply’s latest feature – Zero Fee Internal Transfers. Seamlessly buy 1 bitcoin or any amount that suits your needs.

Simply head to the ‘Send’ section, input the Zeply address of your fellow user, and you’re all set!
It’s now easier than ever to buy bitcoin with Visa or any other preferred payment method. Experience the power of seamless and free cryptocurrency transfers between Zeply users today!

Why Did We Launch This Feature?
We’re always looking for ways to enhance your experience on our platform. Have you ever wondered, “what can I buy with bitcoin?” or “how to buy bitcoin?” With the increasing interest in cryptocurrency, we see the immense potential in offering quick, fee-free internal transfers. That’s why we’ve introduced this feature, to make your crypto journey more convenient and cost-effective, especially for those in the EU region looking to buy Bitcoin.

Walkthrough to Zero Fee Internal Transfers
Starting your crypto adventure or wondering how to exchange and buy bitcoin with fiat? Here’s a simple walkthrough:


Log in to your Zeply account or sign up if you’re new.

Navigate to the ‘Send’ section.

Input the Zeply address of your friend who also uses our platform.

4. Notice the fee showing as 0,00 – yes, it’s completely free to buy and transfer Bitcoin!

Hit ‘Send’ to initiate the transfer.

Celebrate! You’ve just made your first zero-fee transfer!

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Benefits and Solutions
The new Zero Fee Internal Transfers feature paves the way for an even more seamless user experience on our platform. It’s now simpler than ever to buy Bitcoin in the EU region.

The intuitive interface simplifies transfers between wallets or addresses, keeping technicalities out of sight and ensuring a hassle-free process for users.

More Opportunities with Our Referral Program

The benefits of being part of the Zeply community don’t stop at zero fees! We’d like to spotlight our existing Referral Program, your key to unlocking further earnings. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out!


Here’s how it works: Extend an invite to your friends to join the cryptocurrency adventure with Zeply. For every friend who registers via your referral link, completes their KYC, and executes their first transaction of at least 100 EUR/GBP/USD, you both bag a reward of 10 EUR*.


By referring friends to Zeply, you’re not just giving them access to the convenience of Instant Zero Fee Transfers, but you’re also offering the chance to earn extra. So, it’s time to rally your friends to the Zeply community and dive into the exhilarating world of cryptocurrency together.